You Have Messed with the Wrong City

 Suddenly the “to do” list didn’t seem so important. 

We were rushing about our day, accomplishing laundry, summer reading, vacuuming, and memorizing American presidents. We were ready to leave to check one more item off our list, the uniform resale, when I got the terrifying news:  ACTIVE SHOOTER. 

As I watched the news unfold over the next hour and a half, and Islamic terrorists had opened fire in a military facility. By the end of the day, there are four dead marines and several more injured. Saturday morning, the fifth victim, a young sailor, is dead. 

Immediately, I feel there are no words. But now I have found those words and I have to speak them:

Chattanooga. Evils happen around the world. I know they have existed since the beginning of time. But not this. Protected by the mighty hand of God from such catastrophic tragedies but as people have turned their faces from God, times have change. Islamic terrorists in Chattanooga. 

The facility that was invaded was a NO GUN zone. Did that stop this criminal? Of course not!  It stopped our men in the armed forces from being able to defend themselves!  I know nothing more absurd!  Arm our armed forces!

This man was NOT an Islamic extremist, he was simply a Muslim following the Quran. ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION OF PEACE!  It is a religion of fear and hate!  Muhammad received revelations from the Angel Gabriel. There are contradictions in the book. Any verse, such as :  live at peace with people of the book (christians) is later contradicted with: kill anyone who is not Muslim. They believe they should follow the later commandments of Muhammad’s life. The Islam faith teaches to kill anyone who is not Muslim. It teaches the only way to ensure a spot in heaven is to kill a nonMuslim. 

Our own president is a disgrace!  He addresses the issue as he slouches in his chair and then proceeds with his fundraising trip. He, himself, has a Muslim name and speaks of Islam as a religion of peace. He plays off the ignorance of the American people. 

For the sake of the five who have died. No more. This attack hit home and we have united to defend and protect this city. The police force acted quickly and brought down the shooter. I assure you he is not enjoying virgins now. This is a wake up call, but this sleeping giant has been woken up, and you have messed with the wrong city, the wrong people, the wrong country!  We have gathered around Chattanooga, she is our own, and you have messed with the wrong people!


17 thoughts on “You Have Messed with the Wrong City

  1. Amen Caroline! It is not about PEAC. It is about them doing everything in their power to fulfill THEIR prophecies. The president is helping it all out with his refusal to stand against them and I am so glad you pointed out the lies they are told, his is not with virgins, he has “lifted up his eyes in hell”.

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  2. thank you for your bold and true words. Let’s not pretend any longer that Muslims are our peaceful friends. They are the enemy of everything this nation once stood for. They are the enemy of Christianity. And thank you for calling our president a disgrace. Would that more would speak up and wake up as to his true nature. Arm our army. Take back our land.

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  3. As a military veteran, I feel very deeply, the sadness, the rage, the hate, the fear for those 5 servicemen who were killed. Sometimes I hear, “Why did God let this happen?” He didn’t. The people who do not follow our true, one and only God, did. I am very grateful that I have come to know God, to live in his Grace, and to no longer live in sin and hatred.

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  4. The Islam is based on the Jewish Torah. The Torah is also a cornerstone of the Bible. Add the other -isms and religions around the world and you have many books about how people should live their lives.

    In the Jewish and Middle-Eastern culture there is also the golden rule which is a matter of practice. The simple “treat others like you would want to be treated” which is also found in the New Testament.

    The perpetrator of this attack forgot about the golden rule and decided to do the stupidest thing possible, namely to take lives in the name of religion in a country that gave him many opportunities. People who take lives in the name of religion are first of all violent, not religious.

    My condolences. This is terrible.

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  5. It was a sad day. Islam is the religion or death, war and murder. The only peace for non-Muslims is pieces.

    However awoke the sleeping giant? I say unfortunately no it hasn’t. The complacent media, the president and political correctness refuse to acknowledge Islam for what it is. This has been said after the USS Cole, Ft Hood, 911, and the Boston Marathon and 100s more examples. Each time the same claim was made, wrong country, wrong city, sleeping giant wakes up.

    It will need to be so huge no one can cover it up before the “sleeping” giant even rolls over and takes notice. As long as the president and the cronies in the media say this wasn’t Islam, this was work place violence or a lone wolf or whatever excuse dejour they are puking out to make excuses for and cover up Islam. Until people get the truth from the media and our leaders they will not wake up.

    Sadly the country will still sleep until enough have been affected directly that no amount of media and leadership lies can cover it up anymore.

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    • Yes, sadly I agree with you. The city of Chattanooga has had a great dose of caffeine and woken up but quite unfortunately the commander in chief has not even lowered his White House flag to half staff. I do agree with you that he doesn’t seem phased, along with much of the liberal media at the death of four marines and a sailor.

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      • They were nonmuslims and therefore expendable to him. When did we get involved in actively fighting ISIS? Answer.. when they stopped killing only Christians and began killing muslims. That Muslim pilot burned alive was his tipping point. The thousands of Christians murdered and sold into sexual slavery all fine. The decapitations, anti American slogans and threats against America. All fine, kill one Muslim and it’s off to war we go.

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  6. It’s an absolutely terrible thing what happened in Chattanooga. What we need most of all is prayer for our country and to stand for what is right against the evil one and all of his attempts to kill, steal, and destroy us and our country. He is certainly starting to work overtime in our world today. I don’t think though that we should make this a vendetta against all of the American Muslim citizens who live in our country now. Probably more than three million. I once lived in Dearborn, Michigan for many years which has the second most Muslims of any one American city in the United States with more than thirty thousand. I worked with and lived around many Muslim people. Most do not take their religion to an extreme and are in fact very friendly people. I know what their bible – (Quran) says about killing the “infidel” as it relates to Christians and anyone who does not believe in their religion for that manner. I am just saying that most that I knew did not practice their religion to that extremity and we should at least exercise caution about making it an all inclusive all out vendetta against all of the Muslim American people in our land. We all need the one and only true GOD and we need more prayer for our country, and for the Muslim people.

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    • Yes, I have to agree with the comment above me. I live in New York City, and we have a lot of Muslim citizens, not to mention citizens of all religions. None that I have known exercise their religion to that extreme. One of my closest friends is Muslim, she and I have conversations about God all the time, my God, her Allah, but it’s the same thing. I think religion is a dangerous thing when taken too seriously, or when used an excuse for political or ethnic hatred, as is the case with terrorists. I am Catholic, and while I love my faith, I know there are violent passages in my own holy book I can’t vibe with. I also respect that other people will have other names for the God they worship, and I don’t really evangelize for that reason, unless someone is curious and asks me.

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