The Real Writer in the Family

Yesterday, was my birthday. My 8 year old quarantined me to my bedroom while she hung homemade banners and made me a cup of coffee. She knows my heart well!  While drinking my birthday coffee, she handed me an envelope. 

I will keep it’s contents forever. Such wisdom and love in an 8 year old. She gets it!  Her relationship with Jesus is real and intimate!  

Get ready world, here she comes!


51 thoughts on “The Real Writer in the Family

  1. Daughters can be so thoughtful, can’t they? I am happy for you. Your daughter sounds like a real sweetie pie. : I especially get a kick out of you comment that “coffee is your love language”. Very funny.

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      • No, I have one daughter, but she was always the one who had to remind my hubby and son about birthdays, Mothers Day, and so on. She was the one who thought to do the kind things for me when I came home exhausted after a long day at work. She is still the one who remembers to send cards and make the phone calls. Presently, she has four of her own daughters and they are so great. All under 8 years of age. I love them to bits. 🙂

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        • Oh my gracious! Yes, I think I was giving you some of your granddaughters as daughters or remembered the number two, who knows with my brain! But oh gracious! Mothers of daughters have that great connection that they grow up to be our friends!

          Ok, loaded question here: what are the things I need to know about the coming days raising a daughter?

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          • Wow! That is a loaded question. Okay, I will try to give it to you in the short version. ha ha. Unity, communication, keep the standards high, watch who they befriend and get to know the parents (that will tell you a LOT – same goes for the spouse to be and dating partners), keep her away from anyone who would create division between you two or undermine your authority, or teach her something contrary to your own Godly values. This includes family members and yes, it does happen when not all are walking with God. Do all you can to lead her to a personal relationship with God where He is first in her life always. If she comes to that place, then most other things will fall into place. Unity in your marriage in all things, including discipline and choices about freedoms, etc. Loads of prayer and teaching in day to day stuff! Youth leaders, grandparents, other close connections who are willing to come alongside and add support in your work as a Christian parent also make a huge difference. Some things are really hard to predict too. Don’t ever underestimate the havoc the enemy can reek in your family. He is out to destroy it and he will stop at nothing. He will even use your own good intentions to do that. I could tell you stories that would make you shake your head in grief. Anyways, from all I can tell, you and your hubby have far more advantages than we did starting out, so you are well ahead of the game. Stay close to each other, and do all you can to keep your bond tight. My kids and I were very close right up into the teen years and then so many things came against us for a very long time. Those things are still at work. I “lost them” for many painful years, but they are beginning to come back now. …. God is faithful, and I believe He will bring them back to me and Him fully. *** God bless you, Caroline. It was wisdom that caused you to ask me that and I am happy to share with you what I have learned the hard way. Hugging you, Debbie 🙂

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            • Debbie, I soak in every single word! Oh, how I want nothing more than to lead her to Jesus! I realize it is not about me and my plans but God’s will and who he has made madison to be. I just do not want to get into the way! With my fear, or plans of comfort, and so many other things that are my way and not God’s way. Thank you for your wisdom! The more I learn, the more I know I need help!

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