The Best Things in Life are Free OR $6.99

The reward for completion is that her little eight year old fingers get to erase the completed chore off our dry erase To Do list. 

Laundry. Check. Make beds. Check. Grocery shopping. Check. We have gotten to the point in our summer day where the next item to be completed is reading. 

She reads the coming “chore” as…just that…a chore. But she curls up on the sofa pillow with a throw to one of both of our favorite books, Trumpet of the Swan. It is the first time SHE is reading the book to herself, but it has already been read to her two times. (I adore books that are so good that they must be read more than once. In the words of CS Lewis, “I can’t imagine a man really enjoying a book and only reading it once.”

I hear a deep roll of thunder in the distance promising relief from the drought. The moment could not be any more perfect. It is that time when all is at peace and my heart is happy. 

Madison looks up from her book giggling. When she gets excited, she gives two really deep breaths and then continues with something she is eager to share. Her chore has become a love and now she can’t put the book down. 

I am quite a long distance from being what I want to be as a mother. Sadly, it is not hard to find fault with my accomplishments. However, I swell with pride and thanksgiving that I have passed on a love of books to my daughter. 

READ. Learn. It is one of the greatest accomplishments this life has to offer. And once you have become an accomplished reader, pass it on. 


14 thoughts on “The Best Things in Life are Free OR $6.99

  1. When I was finishing 1st grade at my elementary school, my teacher (Mrs. Sloan) walked up and down the aisles, between the desks, with a wrapped present in her hand. Finally, she stopped in front of my desk and laid the package down on it. I opened it. It was a book about birds, and inside she had written, “Dear Karen, I hope that you shall always love to read.” My desire to read was already evident by the age of 6. She was right. Until the disease started destroying nerves in my brain, I was an avid reader. I could read a regular book in about two days.

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  2. Me too Caroline! I just love reading. Remember as a child, using g the light from the lamp post outside my bedroom window so that I could read well into the night!! Might be the reason I ended up wearing specs too!! Love the way you describe the relationship with your daughter. Bless your heart.

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