But Do I Know the Universe?

It is all an oxymoron. I believe, so wholeheartedly, in reading, learning, expanding our minds with a continuous process. Reaching our full potential?  Not possible!  We can always learn more!  Read my post from yesterday, I value reading and thought. 

But I wasn’t born yesterday. Just when I think I have something figured out, I am flipped upside down. It is humorous to think what I used to think I knew. I am who I never thought I’d be. One assurance of this world is to never say never. 

So, in this world of thought, what do we know?  We know we do NOT know. The scientists of the past believed the world to be flat. Men who believe they are above sin, are the first to fall. THE IMPOSSIBLE HAPPENS!  

We live in such a tiny speck of the universe in such a tiny speck of time. Time travel is impossible?  Men smarter than me point us to a worm hole and say, “maybe not impossible.” In fact, it happens every day in space!  Just because I do not understand it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. 

But remember the great oxymoron?  The only thing I can know is that I do not know.  So, how can I know?

This is a world of order!  Look at the heavens, so large my mind can not fathom. It all makes sense!  It travels in patterns, holds itself in check, composed and travels in a manner to support water, to form weather, to allow me to live. 

Science. It is not a dirty word. It does not contradict religion. Science is the study of this world. This is my Father’s world!  Science is the study of God’s Creation. I learn, study, and explore with the knowledge that I can not know it all!  Put my hope in science?  Put my hope in my own knowledge?  Nah!  Quite pathetic!  It changes so very quickly and I soon find my mind irrelevant. 

Evolution?  I am not against a theory. But claiming evolution as science is ignoring science in and of itself. Entropy. The second law of thermodynamics tells us that this world continues toward disorder.  Long ago, the theory of evolution should have been discarded. 

Recently, I was told God is for the weak, those that can not “do it on their own.”  Right!  God is for those that admit they do not have the answers. So is science!  Science is for explorers! Those seeking answers to more questions than can ever be answered. 

God is for people that have messed up, for those that need forgiveness, for those that want to be something bigger than themselves. 

But weak?  Oh no!  Is education for the weak?  Is seeking answers, knowledge, and wisdom for the weak?  No!  The strongest are those that admit they do not know it all, the strongest are those that continue to learn, the strongest are those that are a part of something bigger than themselves. The strongest are those that did not make the world, do not know it all, do not have the answers, but know the one is, was, and will forever be. 


15 thoughts on “But Do I Know the Universe?

  1. Good read. It is good to know you are able to separate the changing nature of science from the -isms that plague it.

    God is what people make God to be. You either believe or do not believe and then it is up to you to make the world a better or worse place to live in.

    The universe? A man walked on the moon but we still only know and understand so much. There is an indescribable beauty to it…

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  2. Great stuff. I am a bit nervous about talking about this stuff but I love the way you just get stuck in. You make some great points here, especially about the false distinction between faith and science. Perhaps science is itself a faith for some people.

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  3. Lovely post. Isn’t it much easier to believe in an almighty God created a perfect universe, with so much intricacy and complexity, than it is to believe that it was the result of a big explosion. An explosion could never have created such perfection and we don’t even know the full perfection yet. Thanks for your words of faith!

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  4. Like this a lot! I agree there should be no conflict between belief in science and God and that knowledge, or ‘building a better picture’ of the stuff around us, immediate and remote, is using the God given gift of mind. Knowledge is not wisdom but it can inform wisdom.
    Thanks again for this post!

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