Do I Believe?

Believe what you want to believe and I will believe what I want to. 

Find what is truth for you. 

Do I believe?  What do I believe? IT DOESN’T REALLY MATTER!  In a culture that is so wrapped up in being PC and where the absolute worst offense imaginable is hurting someone’s feelings, we let children go without parents because we celebrate happiness more than responsibility, we let our educational system fall apart while costing more money than ever, and we let the whole church be damned. Literally damned. A whole bunch of the Western church is headed straight to Hell. But don’t worry, they will be comfortable on the way!

This life is not easy!  It is not meant to be!  We are supposed to search for Truth, not give way to the easy what we wish to believe, and we are supposed to value hard work!  We are made to do what is right, not what we want to do. 

Instead of teaching our children that their happiness is our priority, let’s teach them doing what is right is the most important thing. Instead of telling our neighbors and friends to find their own truth, let’s tell them there is Truth and there is wrong. And let’s learn to say, “I don’t really care if that hurts your feelings, I want to do what is right.”

Now, there is a whole riot occurring. If you are still reading this, half of you hate me by now. I AM NOT ADVOCATING A BUNCH OF JUDGMENTAL PHARISEES STRUTTING AROUND TELLING THE WORLD WHAT THEY ARE DOING WRONG!  I condemn that, and so did Jesus. Remember, I believe those people make up a good group of those dancing their way to Hell. 

It does not matter what the judgemental snobs believe, it does not matter what the free thinkers believe, it does not matter what I believe!  Truth is the only relevance. The only way to heal our land and our very souls is if we search for Truth, prioritized over the search for temporary happiness. 

18 thoughts on “Do I Believe?

  1. GO GIRL! Its funny, because I was getting ready to write down in my journal a very similar thing.

    I am a young mom, but the Lord has shown me how to raise these children accordingly to His will. It’s a struggle at times, because we do things completely off to the worlds eye. We hold Sabbaths on Saturday, we don’t listen to any music besides music that will bless the Lord and I teach my children the truth about right and wrong. I raise them up knowing that the Lord is over all things, and it is in Him we must please. Don’t seek to please me, but please Him by serving Him with good behavior. And for them, because their love is so deep for God already, when they get in trouble they ALWAYS feel worse about hurting God than mom and dad. And I pray their love stays that way. They love their Lord and seek to be like Jesus by loving and helping others.

    But instead our society parenting has become babysitting, and often times not even that. We are not guiding our children, teaching them life doesn’t resolve around them. We don’t teach them basic manners and leave it to our lifeless schools and greatly underpaid teachers to take the extra time to teach our children how to say please and thank you.

    We have it so backwards, and we are a fallen culture, that is truly living in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah and I also believe the Churches have failed, because now being a pastor is a decision we make on our own, but instead is a calling and anointing position between God and that man or woman.

    So much corruption and brokenness in our country and world, but through all that is currently happen brings comfort knowing that it is all stepping stones being paved for the making of the way for our LORD to return!

    Bless you sister!

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  2. I can relate this to my own experience all too easily, and I would agree with it. If we are Christians, we must believe in absolute truth and not moral relativism. Having said that, if (some) people within the church are hesitant to condemn that is probably a positive sign, as we must always be careful not to judge, cast the first stone etc. But I know if or when my way of life brings me to grief, those humble people will be there to comfort me, help me pick up the pieces, and remind me that my saviour was there all along, never once abandoning me either to the world nor to myself (while the loud-mouthed Pharisees will no doubt be sneering from the sidelines).

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  3. As the great comic, and very smart one at it, well as he says something to this effect “You know when society started it´s decline? When we started making fun of the fat kid in class.” Maybe a bit over the top, but point being the PC now, the giving trophies not to the winner of the game but also to the other team for participating in a match they just lost, and yes, making fun of the fat kid is the metaphore. Plus hey, I got picked on in school, so did others, tired about hearing all this bullying thing. I obviously think is not good, but I got bullied until I punched the idiot one of those “jockey” kids, the cool kids. Better learn to deal with life´s hardships early on in your life, not exposing the kids to everything, but at least for them to have a as much knowledge as it is permissable for certain ages and be a bit tougher on them. A smack on the back of my head by my mother never led me to suicide, actually it did work for me to concentrate when I was going full out ADD

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  4. You make a really good point about happiness being at the centre of what the world makes important. Another idol, I guess. You also bring out that tension between discerning sin and hating it but not being perceived as judgemental and hypocritical. As the years pass I find myself being led to observe more why people are the way they are without God and to try to identify those wounds which they try to address through political correctness or other features of secular life. I know that God is the only one who heals completely. I also know that many people are actually hurting because of the way some in the church have spoken about them. In all humility, how do we get alongside people in a genuine attempt to understand? How do we, the church, riven with divorce and sexual dysfunction, earn the right to be heard by the gay man or woman who deeply loves his/her partner and wants to marry them to show their commitment? Genuine question.

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  5. I am a first time visitor. I will begin by saying this. I like your style. Somehow, I suspect you would nail the Pharisees’s butt to the wall. Am i right? I am looking forward to reading more of your articles. Keep up the good work.

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