Nazi America

There are so many precursors that I want to write here about loving America and, yes there are still good people in America, and blah blah blah…but know what?  I am not going to.

Recently, videos have been leaked concerning the leaders of Planned Parenthood giving absolutely disgusting details of how they brutally murder babies. One woman casually talks about cutting open the face of a newborn baby that was still moving in order to remove the brain to sell it.  Wait.  I said that she sliced open the precious face of a baby!  A little, tiny, breathing BABY!

The reaction to this?  Pretty much nothing.  Too many turn their backs in disbelief, surely this is conservative propaganda.  The majority shrug their shoulders and claim, “Well, I’m not doing it.”  So, most of us are not out there performing abortions every day. But guess what? It happens every single day in America. And nobody cares! The videos were barely covered over the media. Know why? Because everyone cares more about gossip and celebrities than babies being ripped limb from limb.

Well, maybe most Germans were not murdering people in concentration camps but if they did not stand up and fight for the rights of those people they were just as guilty. Dietrich Bonhoeffer says that if we do not stand up and fight then we are guilty of the same crimes, “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil.”

There should be certain issues that enrage us, there should be crimes that we can not get over, evil should terrify us and keep us up at night.  THIS IS THAT EVIL!  There is no way to reason away that it is acceptable to brutally murder an innocent baby!  

Open the casket, look at the pictures, do the research.  It happened.  It happens every day.  Do you care?

30 thoughts on “Nazi America

  1. Do you have a link to this video or are you repeating something someone told you? Repeating myths don’t make them fact or truth, but they do make for good headlines.


    • I do hope that the videos are proven to be false. HOWEVER, the bigger issue and the real issue is abortion itself. No one doubts that abortions happen every single day. I do encourage you, and everyone, to do the research. It is a simple Google search, “my agenda” can not be in your own research. It is gross and disturbing. That is the whole point. Do people know how abortions are performed? Babies are literally pulled apart and their brains sucked out. That is what should anger us.

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      • Cutting out a cancer, or performing an autopsy, or even getting drunk and vomiting on the bar are all pretty gross and disturbing, too, but I don’t hear you screaming to outlaw cancer research or surgery to remove it. Abortion is a medical procedure that no one has any business interfering with anymore than you’d interfere with any other surgery or medical procedure.


        • Yes, but performing an autopsy, or vomiting on a bar, or cancer research does not brutally rip a baby limb from limb or suck a baby’s brains out. I do have business interfering with it. Everyone should stand up for the rights of the innocent and those that can not defend themselves. As much right as a policeman has stopping a rape or as much right as a jury had to convict a murderer, it is not just my right, it is my responsibility to speak out against abortion.


  2. Jeremiah 17:9 the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked: who can know it? Abortion is murder, and one day those who perform it and those who willingly have their babies murdered will answer for it. I thank the Lord that the souls of these little ones are with him.

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  3. 7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. Galatians 6:7 I suspect one could substitute nation for man with the same results; the reason the United States does not appear in end time prophecy is being played out before our eyes.

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  4. My heart is just so heavy and broken over the babies that are slaughtered hourly. LORD, show us how we can make a difference in our everyday lives. Only You can change the hearts of those who see these precious souls as inconveniences or unplanned or as a means to make even more money. Help us LORD, please. Save these dear babies and their mommas, so many are blatantly lied to. Show them Your way to Life. In the Power of Your Amazing Name, amen.

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  5. Do you ever wonder….where is the outrage from the people of God?
    Have we become so complacent,so cold,that even the slaughter of the innocent does not move us?
    Forget the world…maybe the church needs to get saved!

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  6. I am so shocked that I could not finish reading the entire article. I stopped at the passage talking about a woman cutting a baby’s face. This world has changed we usually think that a woman is full of love, compassion for children but it has changed. Some women should stop having babies I think.

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  7. Hmm..I’m not sure I could watch these videos, but will look into them at some point. Abortion is an issue I am very much torn on. The only way that I see an end to this is a society which values adoption as opposed to everyone having his or her own kids. When a woman has an unwanted pregnancy, whether it be through rape from her partner or a stranger, a misuse of birth control, or simply, because she is irresponsible, she can’t be sure that her kid, if born, will actually land in a good home. Most people don’t want to adopt, and so abortion becomes a logical choice. For me, personally, an abortion is only excusable in the event of rape, substance abuse, or illness of the baby. In these situations, the actual living conditions might be so horrible for the kid, that, if it were me, I may actually prefer to be killed before birth. I would hate for abortions to not be legal because it puts women in the above mentioned situations, and their kids, in a dire predicament. That said, there is a point where fetuses feel pain and these things have to be carried out with some kind of compassion, both for mother and kid. For me, the best approach would be proper sex education. Young people have to know about how to prevent pregnancies, what consent means, and what an abortion looks like. There is a lot of silly puritanism in this country which is frankly illogical. I am Catholic, and my mom taught me about sex from a young age. she also vividly described an abortion video she once saw. I learned about every sexually transmitted disease under the sun. You know what? It made me really careful with my sexuality. That is the best abortion prevention- knowing your value, how to protect yourself, and the consequences of your actions.


    • I am not catholic but I respect the Catholic Churches strong stand on the pro-life movement. I agree with you that education is the wise option to prevent these situations. I, very respectfully, take a strong stand to value life, even unwanted life. There are many people in horrible life situations that are older and yet it is not acceptable to end their life, even with no pain. I very much respect you and your views. So wish we could have a cup of coffee and share our views and be friends in person 😊

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