Momma’s Hot Date

Pull out the date night red lipstick, I have a hot date. It is the kind of date where I first drop the baby off at MiMi’s house. The kind of date where we already have a baby, and the baby is eight. 

I try my best to rush to meet him at home, but there is traffic. So, I sip my afternoon coffee. I’ll need one to stay up past “school night bedtime.”  I flip through the radio station, but I can’t find the LOVE songs!  

I hear songs about meeting for the first time, plenty rockin’ one night stands, and a having sex to say goodbye song (are we for real?!) I’m a girl, a sappy  girl headed on a date with my man, where are the love songs?

I want to hear a song about someone that has known each other more than a first hot glance, hey, what about someone that is…let’s say it, already married?  I want to hear about love, real love, love that has made it through the hard times, love that actually knows their date’s middle name and has met their momma. 

Surely we are not the only ones that have gone on more than a first date. Surely there could be a love song about more than a one night stand on the radio. 

Coming from someone that has been married for thirteen years, and plans to make it a whole lot more, LOVE IS MUCH MORE ROMANTIC THAN LUST!

The honeymoon isn’t over after having a baby. It grows. 

Love doesn’t leave. It stays. Love forgives. 

Love is like wine. It gets better with age. 

Real gentlemen do still exist and true love can be found. 

Singers, sing a song about my man working hard for a living for his family.  

Writers, write about that sexy man rocking his baby to sleep in the middle of the night. The man that loves that baby’s Momma, even when she has no makup on. And would chose her any day over the newer model. 

I wanna hear the song about:

Even now, I still chose you. Even that, can’t make me leave. Even he, has nothing to offer over you. ‘Cause you’re my man. Always have been, even before I met you. Always will be. ‘Cause God himself made us for each other. No one else shares these memories. No one else has been with me through that. No one else could ever be her Daddy. So, you may have seen these heels before and maybe this restaurant isn’t new. And we might have a hard week behind us.  

But you are my man, and tonight you are my date. And tomorrow, you will still be my man. And we are living a real love song. 


33 thoughts on “Momma’s Hot Date

  1. aaww sounds like my mom/dad. After 27 years, they still have date nights at lease once a month. YOU keep love alive in your relationship. That’s something they have learned with time. Congrats on your date night my friends. XOXO – Bacon
    P.S. This oinker makes a great sitter – snorts.

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  2. We’ve been married 63 years next month and have made our lives together one continuous date; she lifts my heart be simply walking into the room, the sound of her voice brings joy to my soul.

    As Robert Browning so eloquently wrote:

    “Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be, the last of life, for which the first was made. Our times are in his hand who saith, ‘A whole I planned, youth shows but half; Trust God: See all, nor be afraid!”

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    • What a beautiful testimony and what an inspiring goal! Satan has ripped this blessing away from the majority of marriages. You and your wife are a beautiful example. HOW ROMANTIC! Every woman wants her man to say what you said about your wife!

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  3. You are so right. There’s something wonderful about love that remains when they’ve seen you at your worst, walked the floor with, in our case, four babies, and still tell you you’re beautiful. You’re reminding me how much we neef to get ourselves out on a date night. 21 years married and still strong. Hallelujah 🙂 Maybe we writers need to write some love songs. Now there’s a project…

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  4. Someone once commented that my sweetie and I would stop acting all lovey-dovey when we were not longer “newly dating.” We’d been together about 3 years at the time; today we are in our 9th year and still act that way, so I guess we’re still newly dating! We’re definitely still all lovey-dovey!

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    • Never lose it! Someone said the same thing about my husband and I when we were first married. Sadly, that person is now divorced. I think people say that from their own experience, and often jealously of what you have


  5. Someone asked me once if I believed in love at first sight and I told them no and I still standby that because you simply cannot love someone with any depth at all if you do not know them. Young people (and some not so young) want instant love and they think that first flush of attraction is love but it isn’t at all it is attraction. Love takes time and love takes work, and that means work from man and woman alike. I see so much selfishness in the younger generation of women these days and only wanting what the man can give them that is material and bad mouthing their man behind his back it is shameful. Men don’t get off Scott free either disrespecting women calling them by names that should get their mouths washed out for and only want they can get from them physically and not looking back. Being proud they have babies by several baby Mamma’s that is nothing to be proud of it is sad for the children and the mothers. No there is no old fashioned long staying and God respecting love anymore.

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  6. Your post and the comments about love are amazing. The duo and married couple, Ashford & Simpson has a song called Solid As a Rock, and they weren’t old crooners but their songs did express their love for each other. Sadly, Nick Ashley died in 2011. True love songs are rare these days, but fortunately, love will never go out of style.

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