I Spoke and I Speak

I wrote and I write and sometimes it is because I do not like to speak, but I spoke. I wanted to shake his freakin shoulders and cry, “YOU MORON!”  But it was my college professor and it would probably not reflect well on my grade. 

This was a long time ago, well, only twelve years ago, but it seems much longer than that…a long time ago, “Things” did not happen as much then, as they do today. And “things” did surprise me then, they don’t much anymore. 

But we are told that we are intolerable, hateful, and racist if we stand up and voice our opinions. Once I was even told that I still believe the world is flat. I am not sure where that came from. (I don’t.) But I am quite sure it was meant to be an insult. 

But here I am talking about the then. And I sat in a large classroom of a credit that was required. Cultural Diversity. The class should have been renamed, “I Hate Christians” because that more closely followed the topic. 

And me, being a Christian, found that rather uncomfortable. I wish I could go back and say what I would want to say now. …But perhaps it is best that I don’t because I do believe that God said what he wanted to say then. 

The professor told us how awful missionaries are and how wonderful every religion is except christianity and how great and good all people are except for christians and how there is no sin and nothing is wrong it is just perspective and the only thing that is wrong is saying something is wrong. And there are no commas because that is how he spoke it. 

And then he thought he had delivered the message and hammered the nail into the coffin of Christianity and he thought we were all indoctrinated and would share in his love of evil, or people that had misconstrued reputations, “Let’s discuss some of the great qualities of Hitler. What are some of the good things he did?”  

My hand shot up because I couldn’t take this bs anymore and I spoke what little truth was ever spoken between those four walls:

“Oh, yes, you…what is something good that Hitler did?”


And I do believe that in public schools, in colleges and universities, in government buildings, lobbying groups, media, television, and voices shouting out everywhere are yelling, “There is no wrong, except to be a Christian.”

But my hand is shooting up and I do not care anymore if it is uncool to speak up (because I do not care about my cool status anymore) and I do not care if you label me as racist for my thoughts (because Ben Carson has my vote. And I think the whole meaning of that word has been lost.) and I do not care if you shout that I hate science (because I heart it and I have a personal relationship with the Crestor of it all) and say what you want, but this voice, be it one, will stand up in the sea of sitting students and glaring stares and the professor may laugh and scoff at me, but there is God that I answer to, he flows through my veins and he is the beat of my heart. This body is a follower of Jesus. My mouth still speaks and my body still writes and I have a message to share. 

I spoke. I write. 


27 thoughts on “I Spoke and I Speak

  1. I am so happy to have read your post,
    This was such an amazing read. I enjoyed this so much! I just checked out your blog and I have to say I really loved it! So I hope you keep writing so I can keep reading your work! (: (:

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  2. “…nothing is wrong it is just perspective and the only thing that is wrong is saying something is wrong.”

    A friend with somewhat new age tendencies lent me a book he declared was amazing on just this topic. I do not recommend it, unless morbidly curious (“Conversations With God”… very ill-named). It was very adamant that good and bad were relative concepts. I always felt this point could be easily answered by slapping the author as painfully as possible then challenging them to rationalise the good in that… not that I would ever do such a thing.

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    • If there is one thing I know, it is that this world is messed up! This is not the way it is supposed to be. How hopeless to claim that there is no right and wrong. A great comfort to those that have been wronged is the statement, “this was wrong!” The idea of my professor and that boon gives no hope to someone that has lost a loved one, or a rape victim, or …

      You and I have hope in Christ that one day all the wrongs will be undone!

      I love your response to the author. So true!!!

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    • I do believe you are right. It is better to adopt the philosophy, “the more I know the more I know I don’t know.” This world is so vast, we should all be humbled. I also believe arrogant people are useless. I am never inspired by someone that is so conceited, as my professor was, thinking he had it all figured out.


  3. That sucks. Cultural diversity includes religious diversity, so there was no need to bash Christians specifically. I did my share of soul searching when I was considering leaving the faith (due to exposure to really hateful Christians) and I discovered that every religion in the world has some form of dark past. Ina nutshell, people will mess anything up. There are good and bad people in every faith, and when discussing anything problematic it is important to focus on actions and not demonize an entire faith. As a Christian, I haven’t personally felt that attacked. Our faith is still one of the most mainstream faiths out there. In this world, anything and everything about you can and will be attacked, because people have big mouths. Perhaps I just don’t take it personally.

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    • it is best to not take it personally…and to take it extremely personally. doesn’t really make sense, i know. but i do believe that it is a wonderful compliment to be insulted for being a christian. i do believe that they are really insulting Jesus and not me and Jesus is who I want to be associated with!

      i absolutely agree with you not to clump groups and label. there are so very many that claim to be christians and they are so very far away from the message of the gospel….crazy enough, it is usually those people that insult me the most.

      hugs friend!

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  4. Yes Caroline! Too much head thinking and not enough heart thinking for the so called intellectuals and knowledge crunchers….They are afraid of the light and would much rather go hide in the dark alleys of life and have everyone tell them all is okay with the way they live their lives….

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