Awareness of the Road, Cancer Awareness Month

To walk the road alone.  The road is paved, others go before me, but a cold wind blows and I pull my thick sweater around my body.  I have a sweater.  I stare into the sky, my mind wandering.  I do not know where I travel and I question where I came from.  The season is early Fall and there are sprinkles of changes.  Oh yes, change will come.  It always has and always will.  The only thing to stay the same is change.

And I have things to do that will not be done and things I’ve done that I should not have bothered with.  It is these moments of great wondering and wonderment that I see it all so clearly.  For in my confusion of meaning, there are those that are all that matter.  They are the ones I love and want and those that will always be because they are part of what makes me me.

Was I what I was made to be?  I ask the one who did make me.  It all came and is going so very quickly down this road that I do not know where it leads, but it leads so ever quickly.  When I started, there was no thought but now it is all that consumes me.  The virtues that are of another world, to what lives on.  Now I see.  Did I love for love or did I serve just me?


8 thoughts on “Awareness of the Road, Cancer Awareness Month

  1. When you love you love.
    For you are love,
    And He is love.
    And I am love.
    I am here to love you,
    And to accept your love,
    And to love Him,
    And to accept His love
    And to love me
    And to accept that.

    Purge your mind, youHi Friends, as many of you know, I am a realtor. I will soon be listing a wonderful 4 acres, just down West Hills Road from our church. As much as I’d love to sell it to one of you, my reason for writing tonight is that they need help finding homes for a few animals. There is a mother and son couple of goats. I’ve met them and they are extremely sweet and friendly; “easy keepers”. They have been 4H animals. They also have a few chickens and a rooster that they need to re-home. Needless to say they desire homes that will actually keep the animals, not put them directly in the freezer. Please contact me with any questions. Thank you. Rhonda Mueller-Warrantr heart , your body, and your spirit
    By releasing the past, and then
    Open your mind, heart, body and spirit
    To what’s coming from Him, from life, from me, and from you.
    Rest at ease
    You are perfect and are just who and where you are supposed to be.
    All my love ,

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  2. Hello,
    I’m sorry for leaving this as a comment but I don’t see any contact info. I’m posting here because you are following my blog,, on wordpress. I wanted to let you know that I moved my site from to, which means that if you still want to follow it, you have to sign up again.
    Thanks for reading my blog and have a great day!

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  3. My dearest Caroline… I cannot answer the question you asked if you are what you were made to be. What I can say is that you are a beautiful inspiration to all of us who must deal with serious illness. You continue to give me hope and to brighten my days by sharing your healing light with us. Thank you so very much…

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    • Michael,
      What a tremendous hug through words! I have loved to write for so long but it took me so long to be able to share my story. It is so great to be able to connect and share with others that it makes me wonder what took so long. It is amazing that God can use such hard times to bring good out of it!

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