I Can’t Write About That Because I am Not Ready toTalk About it Yet

“How are you doing today?”

I smile and return the polite gesture, “just fine thank you.”  Hold it in Caroline. Hold it in. I slide on my sunglasses a little early just incase a tear escapes. 

I collect my bags and exit the store. The sun is finally shining. It has rained for so many days now. But even the sun can not hide the Fall season and the wind blows to remind me. 

Almost desperately, I dig through one of the bags that I am holding and from the bottom locate what I am searching for. 

Two simple bead bracelets. Black beads in the shape of bats. I made her costume this year. Being new to sewing, this is my biggest project yet. It took me a while but I finished it just in time for her to wear it to the Fall Festival. I will never forget her smiling proudly when she told her friend that her Mom sewed it. One bracelet for me and one for her. 

I finally reach the car and grab my phone. I have to write. A tear finally escapes and I do my best to push it away before the whole damn dam breaks loose. But I can’t write about this because I am not ready to talk about it yet. Please don’t ask. 


30 thoughts on “I Can’t Write About That Because I am Not Ready toTalk About it Yet

  1. You have my prayers too, Caroline. I think often of your situation and know that you are a living example of faith, so you know that God will see you through this. Love you, my friend.

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  2. He will be on your side..brave it up, you inspire me a lot and I have started to believe in god , but before I was in confusion, conundrum and pain! So if you can bring about such a change in your readers, he is going to bring the change ,beautiful changes in your life:)Hang in there:) and you will know:)

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  3. You have become a friend so it hurts to know that you are hurting. But alas, I am male and don’t really know how to console you. Therefore I will handle it the best way I know how….”A three legged dog walks into a bar and says, “I’m looking for the man who shot my Paw!” Just a little chuckle to brighten your day.

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