Your Children

“Freedom is never more than one generation from extinction.” Ronald Reagan

For such a time as the this. I no longer have the benefit of raising my daughter to value her freedom. I do not teach her the history of her founding fathers and tell her to appreciate this great nation that she was born in to. No. I am raising a fighter, a Noah in this land that is handing over her freedom one entitlement at a time. I am raising her to stand against the tyrants that would come and abolish any signs of free America. 

Our nation is looking upon an upcoming election. It used to be that when people were called socialists, it was meant to be an insult. Now we see two candidates step up to the podium. They are two of the frontrunners of the election:  

Bernie Sanders, who claims with his own words to be a Democratic Socialist. Let me remind you that our country is NOT a democracy. We live in a democratic republic. Our founding fathers knew too well not to leave the country to the whims of a mob, therefore setting up a democratic republic, where our representatives were held responsible to the people but the people could not control with their emotional whims of the masses. 

The opposition to Bernie Sanders (one of them. The one I am writing about) is Dr. Benjamin Carson. This man is the epitome of the American Dream. Raised in poverty, he embraced education and hard work, becoming the leading pediatric neurosurgeon in the world. Dr. Carson has a testimony that is held against him. He claims the name of the Lord Jesus Christ boldly, despite the media attacks and attacks from fellow candidates for his past. (That is his message!  That is the power of grace!  Look how God can change a man!). Dr. Carson published a book, A More Perfect Union, in which he prints the Constitution in its entirety. He states its history and he challenges us to hold our representatives, including himself, to the supreme law of the land in the words that gave America her freedom and prosperity for so many years.

I do not hold our government accountable. I do not even hold the Obama administration accountable. I hold families, I hold parents accountable. 

In the last few decades, we have seen a trend of entitlement in our parenting styles. Children are raised being told they are perfect little angels that are entitled to whatever their little hearts desire. NO!

Coming from a mother that adores her daughter, I love her much too much to raise her to be an entitled spoiled brat. I love her much too much to neglect to tell her that powerful word: no.  Though she is still young, I am proud that she is such a hard worker. That is because she is required to do chores around the house she is required to do her best at the sports she chooses to play. She is required to practice piano. She has no option but to read at least 20 minutes every single day.  Never neglecting GRACE!  In this family, we all make mistakes. We forgive. We learn. 

Do you know what has happened?  SHE LOVES WORK!  My girl is the one that always has her nose in a book, she stays up late reading until I force her to turn off her light. Because she does not have the option to turn on the tv. She chooses veggies on her own at a restraunt because she is taught to make wise decisions and given limits where she lacks maturity. My girl complains that her Scienec lab is so short because she loves to learn about Creation. 

I get it!  Parenting is hard!  It is hard every day!  But I love my girl too much not to train her to be the intelligent, strong, kind girl that Christ intends her to be. I love her too much to take the easy route!

Do you feel lost?  Trust me, if you are a parent that is a daily experience.  (For me at least)  Can I recommend two books that have helped me immensely:

Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp


12 Mistakes Parents Can Avoid by Tim Elmore 

READ!  Read to your child. Put down the phone. Turn off the tv. Daily, open the Bible and read. Let your children see you read. Require them to read. And learn. Why do you believe what you believe? 

Honestly, I believe this is not the fault of government. Government does what the people want. It is the fault of parents not teaching their children to work, teaching children that they are perfect little angels entitled to whatever they want, neglecting to teach them the word of God. Change occurs in the family, in the home, and sadly we have seen the erosion of the American Christian family. Dare not to fit in. Dare to be the change. Be the answer. 

Again I quote Reagan, “Freedom is never more than one generation from extinction.”   

And I will stand and proclaim, “It will not be lost on my watch.”


7 thoughts on “Your Children

  1. I love how you are raising your child. I see too many parents spoiling children these days, and I have to read about how horrible my generation is as a result, all of the spoiled millennials this, spoiled millennials that. I wonder why no responsibility is doled out on the parents who raised them! Your daughter seems like a curious young girl who will have a great future.
    I think too much weight is placed on the ability of politicians to change society. It is up to the people to do so, a president is a person who is essentially bound by the politics of his party and whatever dealings happen behind our backs on Washington, mostly things based on power and business and not what is best for the republic.
    For me, it is also important to create an equal society. One of the things I quickly realized upon leaving the protection of my home is that I am seen differently because of my gender and cultural background. As a woman in the workplace, I have to be careful around older men who see me as a potential plaything. I also have to advocate for myself to ensure a fair salary. As a Latina, I have to deal with stereotypes about my culture which affect peoples’ perceptions of me and my abilities. It’s something I’m used to, but should never have to endure. I’ve been blessed to live among the very privileged and the very poor. I’ve learned that sometimes, hard work isn’t enough. This world is stratified in such a way that the more you are born with, the better your chances for success. If you are at the bottom, you need someone from the world of the haves to take you under his or her wing and raise you up. If such a person does not appear, you can work hard and be poor forever. As we raise our children, I think it is important to teach them about the benefits and failings of their society, that there are limits to their personal power, and that they have to advocate for others always.

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    • One of the hardest parts about WordPress, is reading a statement like the above, admiring a person like you, and then wanting to give you a big hug! Yes! This world is so hard but you have determined to do what is right even though it is hard and it is not popular! Your comment is very encouraging and very inspiring to me! We need more like you!

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