Pause the Rushing Moment

Despite the fact that I want to soak up each and every second, the clock ticks on. “Enjoy these moments. She will grow up in the blink of an eye.”  I know!  I really do know because yesterday I held a tiny baby in my arms and now she is knocking on nine. And my coffee grows cold and I am not ready to move on. 

The morning was rushed with so many chores but they all got accomplished so I should count it a success. But I don’t. I don’t appreciate the rush. There is hard work to be done and I understand that, but could you keep the day from passing while I hurry about my chores?  I sat in the car and stared out the window. I am not one that can hold in my emotion. 

A bit surprised by my sadness at this joyous occasion, “What is the matter?”  He asked. 

“It is going by in fast forward!”  

And it did!  It was Thanksgiving Day yesterday and NOW IT IS NOT!

I sit in the morning. My mug of coffee is cold before I am ready for my morning alone to be over.  I want to sit in my jammies for hours without the day passing by, just pause the moment I am in. It is officially Christmas season, the best time of the year. These are the moments, the times that are memories, this is when I make who I am. And I want it to be good!  

But the company arrives and they are gone before I am ready. He is off work and returns before I am ready for him to go. She grows and she is one more step to grown and I want to snuggle just a bit longer. The Christmas song and the warm glow of the fire are a perfect moment that taunt me as they rush so quickly away. Cherishing the moment is not enough. I want to pause.  I want to have forever and eternity. 


7 thoughts on “Pause the Rushing Moment

  1. This hit me today too. I opened the Black Friday sales ads to see a little pink bike with flowing streamers that my daughter would have loved when she was little. She just turned 15 1/2 in the blink of an eye. Made me a little teary eyed for the days of baby dolls, dress up clothes and simple toys.

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  2. BONSOIR gentille CAROLINE

    Mon petit passage du soir
    Ce soir dans le ciel
    Une étoile est née
    Pour illuminer ta soirée
    Lentement elle s’est déplacée
    Et chez toi elle va s’arrêter
    Pour t’éclairer et réchauffer ton coeur
    En laissant une étincelle de bonheur

    Bonne soirée suivie d une douce nuit

    Gros bisous


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