Momma is Packing

“There are three types of people in this world:  sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs.  

Some people prefer to believe that evil doesn’t exist in the world, and if it ever darkened their doorstep, they wouldn’t know how to protect themselves. Those are the sheep. 

Then you’ve got predators, who use violence to prey on the weak.   They’re the wolves. 

And then there are those blessed with the gift of aggression, an overpowering need to protect the flock. These men are the rare breed who live to confront the wolf. They are the sheepdog.”  

-quote from Chris Kyle’s father in the movie, American Sniper 

Oh gracious we have come a long way!  From the pilgrims that died of starvation and sickness while seeking religious freedom to the PC police that call out every single damn little word that hurt their tender little feelings. (As a little side note, these wolves sometimes disguise themselves as “Christians.”)

And I have this baby, this girl that has been running ahead of me since she was born. A tough little cookie that is growing up a Noah in this world of sheep and wolves and where does she fit?

Well, if I may, this woman I am is a natural sheep. I like to graze in my little pasture and lay in the sun and drink from the clear flowing creek and not worry about what is beyond the fence and get along with all the other sheep. 

But then something happened. She is blonde and loves every single animal (even the ugly scary ones) and reads every single written word put before her. 

And I took one look at her and fell so deeply in love and then I stared that big bad wolf in the eyes and said, “Ohhhhh HELL NO!”  

And while I do not always write to one particular group, I realize that I am writing to parents here, and educators, and leaders, and those that care to voice their opinions to influence others. We have two jobs in this life as mom and dad and those caring for children:  protect and prepare. 

Protect.  I have been accused, the finger is pointed and they think they are laying the final blow, “Your daughter is in a bubble.”  My response?  “Hell yeah!”

Do you know what this world is like?!  In big ways, my daughter is protected that she has no clue what it means to be hungry. My daughter is among the few children that still lives with her mom and dad. She does not know what it means to wonder where we will sleep at night or how are we going to pay for medicine or any of the other luxuries that so many of us in our protected culture take for granted every single day!  

But do not think for one second that while I am protecting her, that I am not preparing her!  While we are laying the Biblical foundation at home, we are preparing her faith to be attacked. While we are strengthening her confidence, we challenge her to stand up for the weak. 

Lord Jesus, I am overwhelmed!  I am just a little sheep!  But you are not only a sheepdog, YOU ARE THE SHEPHERD!  You love your sheep!  You are not afraid of the wolves. And you have sent your sheepdogs into this world to protect. 

So, while I bring my little sheepdog every day to the Shepherd for lessons and while I know that my power and protection come from the Shepherd, when I am just a sheep hanging out with my sheep friends in this world of PC sheep that do not even believe that wolves exist, I have been pushed to the limit where I do not have the luxury to be silent anymore. I am stepping out where I know I am going to get shoved back and I know not everyone agrees with me. (AND THAT’S OK!  I am perfectly content to agree to disagree!) 

But when civilians are being massacred in GUN FREE ZONES, it is ignorance to claim that we need more gun control!  When ISIS is thinking up new cruel ways to murder Christian children, we can no longer tolerate leaders that will not identify radical Islam as our enemy because they are afraid of hurting feelings!  We have moved past that!  

And I will close my, what I hope is seen as a thoughtful opinion backed up with facts and not a rant, with something I believe so firmly in that has been lost in our modern comforts:  The Second Ammendment. 

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

So, while everyone likes to talk about “my rights,” what really is my right?  Well, one of them is to carry a gun. Go ahead. Label me. 


35 thoughts on “Momma is Packing

  1. I can’t resist commenting, but I won’t label you. I am not an American, so I bring a different perspective to the issue.And I have stood in the shadow of ISIS, so I am not unfamiliar with the evils of this world. However I fail to see how the establishment of a citizen militia designed to repel a foreign invader in the times before modern armies has been so misconstrued as to justify the arming of all citizens to use their weapons against each other. From here it looks like the American people have been duped into accepting evil in the name of good. You accept restrictions on your behaviour in a free society, such as speed limits and taxation for the greater good. Why are guns sacred to the point of being worshiped?


    • I am so very glad that you commented friend! The second amendment is a very important part of the American Constitution. This provides the citizens the ability to hold their government accountable and also provides the people the ability to protect themselves and their families. I am so very thankful that I have the right to carry and protect my family from a home invasion, a personal attack, or even an active shooter situation. It is not a responsibility that I take lightly. I have taken a safety course and I also have a gun range membership and I practice shooting often. There are so very many cases where individuals have saved themselves and/or their family because they have had a weapon and had the ability to do so. Unfortunately, there are much too many cases (such as the San Bernardino, Paris, and numerable others) where guns have not be available to law keeping citizens and they were not able to protect themselves.

      I would never force someone to carry that is not comfortable but it is a right that is very essential to the freedom of self defense. This is the basis of our Constitution and sadly we are beginning to see leaders trying to take this right away.

      Again, I really do appreciate another perspective.

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      • Having studied political science and constitutional law I could argue that you are misunderstanding the intent of the Second Amendment. I could also point out that the incidents of home invasion and personal attack are low and unlikely to be prevented by an armed citizenry. Sin as you know doesn’t worry about such things. America leads the world in active shooters. You had 33,000 gun deaths in 2013 – 21,000 of which were suicides. No country in the world compares .

        Rights are granted by the state and as such can be curtailed by the state. The so-called “right to bear arms” was intended to protect America from foreign invaders. Instead it has turned you into an armed camp, perhaps one of the most dangerous societies in the world, where the law is whatever the man with a gun says it is.

        If America is a democracy then why do you feel it is necessary for citizens to arm themselves against their government? Where I live we hold the government accountable at the ballot box, we don’t need an M-16 or an AK-47.

        In crisis situations responsible gun owners will usually make poor choices unless they have far more training than is available to civilians. A practice range does not prepare you for a real-life attack, you just think it does.



          Please click on the link above for a study published by the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy

          I am sorry, but all of your numbers are completely untrue. There is a direct relationship of more legal guns equals less violence. Every year a gun is used 80 times more to protect a life than to harm one. Even if ownership saved only one life, it is worth it. And there is also a direct relationship to practicing with your gun and being able to use it in a real life situation. I absolutely agree with you that we should hold our leaders responsible on Election Day! However, that would do little to defend me or my family in the moment of being attacked with intent to harm. The right to bear arms is not only meant to protect the people from foreign invaders but even more so from those within our boarders with intent to harm. We will never be able to stop lawbreakers from attaining weapons illegally. Why would we ever want to take away the freedom to protect themselves of those that keep the law.


          • I guess we can agree to disagree then – I won’t throw competing studies at you, and i could find hundreds – some from less biased publications. I understand the American gun mania, I just find it incredibly sad. There is no logic to “more legal guns equals less violence.” Look at your nation! You have the highest per capita prison population in the world. Loo at gun ownership and violence rates in your nearest neighbour, Canada. For Madisn’s sake I hope you have a locked gun closet and store your ammunition separately; I read about two many dead American children whose parents didn’t understand how curious children


            • I am completely fine to agree to disagree. I think you have a misconstrued idea about people with legal guns being careless. Very few people I know actually carry and they are the most careful people I know. Yes! We know about the accidents. I carry because it is my responsibility to protect Madison. My gun is on my body or in my safe. Nowhere else. “Look at your nation!” Is not a fact. A fact is: per capita, where there are legal guns, there is less violence.

              Just recently, there were two stories in the news ON THE SAME NIGHT. In each house, a mother was home with two young children. In each house, someone broke into the house. In one house, the woman had a gun in the home. She shot and killed the intruder. In the second home, there was no gun. The mother was raped and murdered. I know your country believes differently. But here in America, we have the right to defend ourselves.


        • For years here in Illinois, we had the strictest gun laws in the Nation. Guns were completely outlawed in Chicago- and we had the most gun violence. Finally an elderly African American gentleman went all the way to the Supreme Court and fought for his right to protect himself and his family because he felt unsafe in his home with all the crime and deadly break-ins all around him. He won, because all that the gun laws did was make guns available only to a bountiful crop of law-breakers. Not everyone lives in a safe neighborhood.

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  2. That was powerful!!
    It is time to take a stand and not succumb to society and cave! My son went to a baseball party at a coaches house for the first time and when he came home he said they were playing hide and seek outside, on the street at night! Then some of the boys were ringing door bells and running away! I was upset, wondering where the supervision was, worried about horrible things that could have happened. Someone said ” oh, come on, don’t be a fuddy dud.”
    But, my mother told me something powerful. She said that I only have ONE chance at this parenthood thing and that those irresponsible adults were not looking out for my son. Everyone wants to play nice and not upset anyone. I’m so done with that. I say allow the flock to wander a bit but be darn responsible about it. Good job! Loved your post.

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    • I agree with you wholeheartedly! I like to look at the situation and weigh the risks, “what is the worst that could happen?” twisting on the swings could possibly pinch fingers? Go for it. Playing in the road (and at night!). Could get run over? That’s an obvious NO! Way to go Momma! We are the ones ultimately responsible for our kids. When it comes to my daughter, I’m not afraid to hurt feelings if it is what is right. (Even just what is right for her)


  3. While it is okay to have a weapon for self defense, it is not good to dwell on fear of things which are highly unlikely to affect you and your family. We live in peace when our faith in God is great. We live in fear when we forget God and rely upon things which can not save us.

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    • I absolutely agree: do not live in fear. Period. And while not living in fear, we are called by God to be wise. It is not longer “highly unlikely.” ISIS struck in my hometown! In a gun free zone! I DO NOT LIVE IN FEAR BECAUSE I KNOW I CAN PROTECT MYSELF IF I AM IN THAT SITUATION.

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      • The law of probabilities suggests that it will never happen to you personally (notwithstanding anything you have personally done to provoke a personal encounter ).


        • 1. Say that to the people in the office in San Bernardino
          2. The law of probabilities says when I sit down on an airplane, I am not going to crash. It is still the law that I buckle up.
          3. Prepare for the worst. Hope for the best
          4. Do you also not purchase home, auto, or life insurance?


              • I avoid making it more probable that I will be struck. But it would be unnecessary for me to carry on my head a lightning rod attached to a metal cable wrapped around my body and dragging on the ground in order to deflect the current of an improbable lightning strike. The chances are that the rod would attract lightning, not prevent it.

                I have no problem with people owning firearms. But it is better to own a weapon out of rational prudence rather than irrational fear.


                  • Dear Caroline, I do not judge you. I only suggest that, notwithstanding all of the crime which happens all around us daily without our knowing or being impacted, there is more reason to feel secure here in the US than there is to be fearful that our individual neighborhoods will be attacked today or tomorrow by terrorists.


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