My Unanswered Prayer

Oh Holy Spirit!  Spirit!  I called. I called in my desperation.  I called in my need. I called in my fear. Spirit!  I called with belief, with the faith of a child. My heart cried out and believed. Believed in the power of God on my knees, my knees in prayer. 


The world cries “There is no God.”  Christians settle for less, ignoring their questions, tucking away their fears. God was called upon and He did not answer. 

God does not answer to anyone!  

The prayer to ease suffering. Not Biblical. Jesus promised, “In this world you WILL have suffering.”  This whole Christian thing, give it a second thought. God quite often, maybe even most often, on this world uses pain and suffering for our growth, for change in this world. The prayer to ease suffering went unanswered by Jesus Christ himself in the garden of Gethsemane. Do you believe your faith surpasses that of the Son?!

Fill me Holy Spirit!  You, I want!  I want to feel your presence. Take control of my heart and soul. Spirit of God, I long to love you!  

And there is silence. 

How do you argue with that?!  Because God is not a God of feelings!!!  He is not here to accomplish our own goals of feeling Him!  

The Holy Spirit moves in this world. He calls to dry bones “come alive.”  He calls to mountains, “move.”  He burns the wetted sacrifice with fire from Heaven. The Holy Spirit works to bring glory to God in Heaven. He moves to further the Gospel. He works in the church of His children. 

Do you have unanswered prayers?  Oh little child, your Father never promised you would get everything you asked for. 

The Holy Spirit longs for a relationship with you!  Do not grieve him!  Share the Good News!  Serve people in need!  And you will see him fill you!  His presence will work miracles. We will be in awe and we will feel what can not be put into words. But the whole point is that it is not about us. It is to bring praise and glory to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. 

“No matter the cost, work in me to bring glory to You!”

Do you want that?


15 thoughts on “My Unanswered Prayer

  1. Who is among you that feareth the LORD, that obeyeth the voice of his servant, that walketh in darkness, and hath no light? let him trust in the name of the LORD, and stay upon his God. Isaiah 50:50

    Great post.

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  2. Caroline, GO to Tijuana, Mexico. FIND the Bio-Medical Clinic (formerly Hoxsey Clinic.) THERE, you will find life saving treatment to end your disease and pain. It is located in a beautiful, florally bordered compound. Many Americans are treated there, successfully; I have heard their testimonials, on videos, produced by Christians Ty and Char Bollinger. Please, also view those videos. DO this. I beg of you. TRUST that this will work.God bless you, as you choose.


    • Thank you for the information. I am living cancer free thanks to Duke Hospital and the amazing doctors there. I am a twenty year survivor of a very rare form of cancer. I still go to follow ups every year (at least) but I am not looking for a doctor. Sounds great though.

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      • Wow! Terrific. When you told me you were writing from the point of view of characters in the Bible, I was intrigued – never processing that you were actually free of the disease! PTL for you! I just feel compelled, on behalf of those who are not, to spread the word about these wonderful treatment centers.

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  3. Loved your post. God offers a most enriching relationship that can involve suffering, giving us 0ur heart’s desires, delivering us OUT OF all our troubles, and seeing that we “prosper and be in health.” The Master Timer takes good care of us! And so happy to read that you are still cancer-free!!!!!

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  4. Bonsoir CAROL
    L’amitié est un sentiment fort
    Il est beau de la découvrir
    Sur ton blog je peux lire tes poèmes , tes créations
    Les messages de tes amis (ies)
    C’est une appréciation forte
    On peux y trouver toutes sortes d’amis Français ou étrangers
    Quelle partage
    Sur nos blogs on vit un monde de paix
    Ce serait si beau que sur terre règne la paix règne

    Passe une belle soirée , prends soin de toi
    Bernard , bises


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