Nazi America

There are so many precursors that I want to write here about loving America and, yes there are still good people in America, and blah blah blah…but know what?  I am not going to.

Recently, videos have been leaked concerning the leaders of Planned Parenthood giving absolutely disgusting details of how they brutally murder babies. One woman casually talks about cutting open the face of a newborn baby that was still moving in order to remove the brain to sell it.  Wait.  I said that she sliced open the precious face of a baby!  A little, tiny, breathing BABY!

The reaction to this?  Pretty much nothing.  Too many turn their backs in disbelief, surely this is conservative propaganda.  The majority shrug their shoulders and claim, “Well, I’m not doing it.”  So, most of us are not out there performing abortions every day. But guess what? It happens every single day in America. And nobody cares! The videos were barely covered over the media. Know why? Because everyone cares more about gossip and celebrities than babies being ripped limb from limb.

Well, maybe most Germans were not murdering people in concentration camps but if they did not stand up and fight for the rights of those people they were just as guilty. Dietrich Bonhoeffer says that if we do not stand up and fight then we are guilty of the same crimes, “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil.”

There should be certain issues that enrage us, there should be crimes that we can not get over, evil should terrify us and keep us up at night.  THIS IS THAT EVIL!  There is no way to reason away that it is acceptable to brutally murder an innocent baby!  

Open the casket, look at the pictures, do the research.  It happened.  It happens every day.  Do you care?


Do You Understand Forgiveness?

There.  She hides in the shadows.  She hides behind her job of success.  Ordering and delivering success.  She strives to achieve beyond the hurt she has caused.  She climbs the ladder proving that she is a benefit to this world.  Why can’t she get high enough?

There.  She hides in the popular crowd.  Her friends gathered around.  They love her, want to be her, applaud and compliment her.  They have to be right.  She has to be good.  Just have fun and forget.  Why can’t she forget?

There.  She is a mom.  She buys him new clothes, peels his apples, and kisses his cheeks.  She plays with him and claps with him and reads to him daily.  She buckles him in and ties his shoes and holds his hand as they walk.  Why can’t she love him enough?

There.  In the dark they cry.  The inner pain that won’t go away.  The secret that points its finger and condemns them to daily hell.  There is no pain they feel they don’t deserve.  Hate is all they have for themselves.  The deepest throbbing torture of a sin beyond belief.

Here.  My arms beckon.  All sin is washed clean.  Run to me for relief.  Even that.  I know of even that. It does not hide from me.  But mother of a dead baby, you can never do enough retribution.  Give it to me.  Here.  Here is the only place you can find forgiveness. Here.  Here there is no condemnation.