Is This a Bad Idea?


I have written about Tucker before.  He’s a keeper.  But he has this little secret.  He wags his tail and he’s about perfected the puppy dog eyes.  But there is something that lurks in his darkness.  Meal time.  He completely turns into a different dog!  He turns from the short, fat, lazy, happy dog into a potential killer.  He seriously shows his fangs, his hair stands up, and he growls like a mad dog when there is food around.

Tucker’s background:  We rescued him at 2 months old.  So, we assume that he was fighting for his food (or having it stolen from him) before he was found and then rescued by us.  We have had him now for over two and a half years.

We have tried EVERYTHING!  I mean everything.  But, as soon as I put down a bowl of food, he snaps and becomes the beast.

BUT, it is different if I am feeding him a snack out of my hand.  I have started feeding him his dinner out of my hands.  He happily eats.  Never growls.  And walks away with a “thank you” attitude. SO, HERE IS THE QUESTION:  Is this helping or making it worse?  Will he learn to separate food and aggression?  Or am I spoiling him?