Coming From a White Girl

It sounds so cliche to say, but I honestly do not see color as an issue at all in my life, so I feel very silly to write on it at all.  And then I realize, “Thank God it is not an issue!”  I am thankful to be on this end of Martin Luther King’s dream. This world is not perfect but I believe we are living what he dreamed about in many ways.

However, he still inspires me with this quote. When we chose comfort, popularity, money, the list goes on, when we chose to be silent when we should speak up, we, as a person and as a nation, begin to die.  Yes!  There are so many fights that we have grown tired of fighting but the causalities are still being added daily.  MLK was a strong fighter of abortion.  It is that fight that everyone says, “No, don’t bring that up again.”  But I do believe that MLK would be on the front line defending the helpless one more time.

Today, on this holiday,  I am thankful for good change and freedoms that are now enjoyed by those that once did not have them.  And today I still dream of a better tomorrow.

He Spoke to Me

I hit the pillow and I am out. I sleep peacefully in a deep sleep until the rude alarm clock taps my shoulder and tells me to wake up. This girl loves her sleep.

One dark, routine night I was in this slumber. I dreamed. I dreamed I heard a voice. I did not see anything but I heard a voice say, “Do you want to wake up?”

It was a stupid question, and I replied, “Of course I want to wake up!”

“It is going to hurt.”

My response was immediate and without question, “They need me.”

I jolted out of my sleep and woke falling into Adrenal Crisis. I was barely able to wake my husband in my weakness. He called 911 and I was rushed to the emergency room. It hurt.

I am not scared to die. One day I will claim Paul’s words adapted as my own, “Living was Christ, dying now is gain.” But not now. “They need me.” My husband and my seven year old. And Christ has not quite yet carried on to completion his work in me.