Evolution Screws the Helpless

I have learned that this is a very emotional topic.  Honestly, I am not really sure why, but if I ever talk about this (which is not that often), I get people really upset.  So, I apologize…I don’t apologize….don’t want to make you mad, but here it is:

“To suppose that the eye with all its intimate contrivances for adjusting the forces to different differences, for admitting different amounts of light, and for the correction of spherical and chromatic aberration, could have been formed by natural selection, seems, I freely confess, absurd in the highest degree.”

Guess who said that?  Yep, the big man himself!  CHARLES ROBERT DARWIN!!!  There is some food for thought, the man who proposed the theory of evolution denied it himself.

From a scientific standpoint, let’s look at the theory of evolution.  Years ago, I attended a lecture under Ken Hamm.  He is a genius of a man and definitely a great man of thinkers of the modern world. He completely demolished the possibility of evolution in one fatal two minute blow describing the impossibility of a giraffe evolving.  It would have died several times during that process.  But he continued and by the end of it, any evolutionist would be crawling under the table.  I can not recommend enough the resources found at answersingenesis.org

From a Biblical standpoint, there are those that believe that God created the world through evolution.  There are several problems with that but to state one:  Adam named all the animals before Eve was created.  So, this theory suggests that evolution occurred to lead up to Adam and Eve and that evolution occurred before the fall.  So, this theory states that death occurred before the fall, which is not biblical because death was a part of the curse and did not exist before it.

And now, for the title:  From an emotional standpoint, Evolution screws the helpless.  According to evolution, it is survival of the fittest.  According to evolution, this is what we’ve got, right now.  So, if you are dying a painful death, if you are a starving child, if you are living each day in agony, the remedy is to end it all.  There is no reason to keep going.  There is no hope.  There is no value for human life.  If you are born with a deformity, you are a mistake, the world will be better when you are gone.

Do I leave you with no hope?  NO!  Because I do not believe in evolution.  (Bet you couldn’t have guessed that.) And why do I write a post on evolution when I know some people are really pissed at me by this point?  Because I want to tell those that do not know that there is hope!  I have a reason to convince you!  I want to tell you that you mean something!  Sorry, but why would anyone try to convince me that evolution is real?!!!  The proof of burden falls on the evolutionist.  The God of the universe made you in his image!  You have worth!  He heals those with disease and injury and hurt!  You have a purpose!  If you are suffering, there is hope!  There is a reason to struggle and survive!  Because you are precious to the God that made it all!

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“I Now Pronounce You Science and Creation”

‘Til death do them part, Science and Creation are a happy couple.  A while ago, on the local Christian station, I heard an announcer say how sad it was that “science” was the word of the year.  His logic was that it had replaced religion…..ummmm…NO!  And then I read articles explaining how Christians live by choosing to just believe in stuff and ignore science….ummmm….NO!  And then I hear that as we learn more and more about how things work, that we worship God less and less…..again….NO!

I am raising a little Scientist.  By the age of 7, she has lost hours studying random matter under a microscope (during play time), I have sat with her and read about splitting hydra, her deepest wishes and best presents have included:  2 geckos, fish, a frog, hamster, guinea pig, dog, and 2 kittens.  (that list would continue, but I have to stop it somewhere.)  She sits and reads animal reference books for fun.  She knows that the holes on the side of a geckos head are supposed to be there.  (Silly Mommy getting worried.)  She knows that there are no female peacocks….they are called peahens.  She can tell if a live turkey is male or female by its plumage.  Her questions never end, “Why do the leaves change colors?  What makes a storm?  Why do people’s bodies grow?”  There is NO END to the questions!  And as I have researched, as I have found answers, as we have learned together, (love of Science does not come naturally to me)  but as I have learned, something has happened:  I HAVE WORSHIPED GOD!

OK, I’m loosing some people.  Some have clicked out and already labeled me a nut.  Others are contemplating in their head that they believe in Evolution or The Big Bang, or perhaps, you say you believe in a combination of Evolution and Creation?  One thing, I will limit my comments to one thing:  The third law of thermodynamics is entropy.  Entropy says that matter falls apart over time.  It says that the world continues toward destruction, decomposition, or chaos over time.  Evolution says that matter improves.  According to Science, Evolution is not possible!

Imagine a grandfather building a car.  Imagine that grandfather taking his grandson by the hand day after day.  They spend hours together.  The grandfather explains to the grandson how the car works.  He tells of how, day after day, he built the car.  He says what came first.  He tells of the first time he started up the engine and heard it roar.  What is happening?  The grandson is building a relationship with his grandfather.  He is learning more and more about his grandfather.  His love for his grandfather will grow.  He thinks his grandfather is pretty cool for building that car.  He knows the car would not be there without his grandfather.  Science is God taking us by the hand and saying, “Let me tell you how I made this.  Look at the water, do you see that it is made of H2O.  Look at the worm.  Do you see that it is male and female?  Look at your body.  Do you see how I made your heart pump blood?”

Little tantrum here, please excuse my loud voice, Do not tell me that because I am a Christian, I do not believe Science.  Christians!  Do not tell me that science is evil!  Science is the study of God’s Creation.  It is a gift to us.  …..and at Christmas time, I like to ponder over my gifts and thank the giver.