Giving Everything For Nothing

Knowing very well what I wanted in life, I set out to accomplish it. Looking to my left then turning away, looking to my right and then turning away, looking straight forward, there in the far distance I saw it.

Jesus said to me, “Child turn around.”

I pointed in excitement and answered, “No Jesus. Look! Do you see it? That is what I want.” And I took off running.

I could hear Jesus calling my name but I was to determined in my path to give him notice. I ran and ran and ran. His voice grew lighter and lighter.

I was tired. I spent all my energy and all my resources but I would do anything to reach my goal. Tired, hungry, and weak I ran on.

There. So close. I could see it. I was so close to what I had always wanted. Soon it would be in my hands and it would be mine forever.

One last step. I reached out and touched it. Cold. Solid. Flat. It was a mirror. A reflection. If I had only listened, Jesus had been calling me to turn around. It had been right there behind me all along.