Staring at My Family

Because I have him,
My heart beats.

Because she calls me “Mommy,”
My heart beats.

The Christmas tree that captivates,
Parties, Carols, Presents, and festive dinners.

Thank God for the gifts he gave me,
and my heart that beats.



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This Me That’s You

It’s not that funny or as grand, just not that big of a deal unless you are here.
I have this big part of me that has become you.
It’s not a phone call or a promise of tonight.
It is needing you here with all of my might.
I can not think or concentrate.
‘Til I have you by my side.
Cause it’s part of me that’s missing.
How am I supposed to see without my eyes?
Or run without my legs?
Because my heart can’t beat when I’m all alone.
It misses you that’s me.
That is where you are supposed to be.