You Have Messed with the Wrong City

 Suddenly the “to do” list didn’t seem so important. 

We were rushing about our day, accomplishing laundry, summer reading, vacuuming, and memorizing American presidents. We were ready to leave to check one more item off our list, the uniform resale, when I got the terrifying news:  ACTIVE SHOOTER. 

As I watched the news unfold over the next hour and a half, and Islamic terrorists had opened fire in a military facility. By the end of the day, there are four dead marines and several more injured. Saturday morning, the fifth victim, a young sailor, is dead. 

Immediately, I feel there are no words. But now I have found those words and I have to speak them:

Chattanooga. Evils happen around the world. I know they have existed since the beginning of time. But not this. Protected by the mighty hand of God from such catastrophic tragedies but as people have turned their faces from God, times have change. Islamic terrorists in Chattanooga. 

The facility that was invaded was a NO GUN zone. Did that stop this criminal? Of course not!  It stopped our men in the armed forces from being able to defend themselves!  I know nothing more absurd!  Arm our armed forces!

This man was NOT an Islamic extremist, he was simply a Muslim following the Quran. ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION OF PEACE!  It is a religion of fear and hate!  Muhammad received revelations from the Angel Gabriel. There are contradictions in the book. Any verse, such as :  live at peace with people of the book (christians) is later contradicted with: kill anyone who is not Muslim. They believe they should follow the later commandments of Muhammad’s life. The Islam faith teaches to kill anyone who is not Muslim. It teaches the only way to ensure a spot in heaven is to kill a nonMuslim. 

Our own president is a disgrace!  He addresses the issue as he slouches in his chair and then proceeds with his fundraising trip. He, himself, has a Muslim name and speaks of Islam as a religion of peace. He plays off the ignorance of the American people. 

For the sake of the five who have died. No more. This attack hit home and we have united to defend and protect this city. The police force acted quickly and brought down the shooter. I assure you he is not enjoying virgins now. This is a wake up call, but this sleeping giant has been woken up, and you have messed with the wrong city, the wrong people, the wrong country!  We have gathered around Chattanooga, she is our own, and you have messed with the wrong people!