The Bright Victory

“Here is joy that cannot be shaken.  Our light can swallow up your darkness:  but your darkness cannot now infect our light.”  C.S. Lewis 

It does not matter how small I am, I am a light. And a small flame can set a forest ablaze. There is nothing that darkness can do to hide light. Light always wins!  Go to the deepest, darkest cavern, consumed by the darkest of darkness and it can not close out light. 

Christianity is under attack. Claim the name of Jesus and you will be mocked, you will be persecuted, be it verbal or physical. But what do we expect?  We are in a battle!  The louder we shout, the harder we fight, Satan sends his strongest to silence us. 

But we know the secret. THE BATTLE HAS ALREADY BEEN WON!  Christ the King will sit on the throne, he will claim the victory, and he will emaciate death and pain and suffering and Satan and all his greatest tools. And Satan knows it! He is the King of Lies!  

But we wave the torch, we march, we shout, we will fight and we will win. This light will shine brighter and brighter. The power of God Almighty is on our side and nothing can separate us from him, this light can not be extinguished. 

Of Mine

It approaches.  Darkness beyond the night.  An icy cold more than the winter.  Swirling and consuming.  How can I see the dark?  It is an absence of the light.  Covering all and ruling all, hiding and shielding everything in its path.

Where is this nebulous?  In my heart.

Why so lightless?  I want refuge, useless to seek.  Give me answers to questions, meaningless to ask.  The darkness that swallows me with no apology.

Blink.  Hint.  Beam.  Tiny spark.  Fragile candle.  Oh little light, you are the conquerer.  Darkness is gone.  With no fight, with no encounter.  The intensity vanishes.

Little light.  Victory.