He Means It

“Please just step away! He means it!” It was my plea for his own safety.

Let me explain. Years ago, we had this dog that we still talk about. Brock. Brock was an 85lb boxer that was nothing but muscle and strength. He was a card carrying boxer dog, but he was the biggest and meanest boxer I’ve ever seen. He had problems. I’m serious. Real problems. From the day we got him, he was family. We loved Brock. And he was perfect. The most loving, caring, sweet, obedient, behaved dog ever …TO US. To everyone else, he thought you were there to kill his family, and he was going to defend his pack. Then something happened, his pack grew. We had Madison. And Brock got WORSE. I’ve never seen anything like it. Brock adored that little girl. From an infant, we made him keep his distance. He would stand guard and never ever take his eyes off her. And then she grew and discovered “Bock.” Madison loved her Bock. He would let her do anything…and she did. We have the cutest pictures of her resting on him drinking her sippy cup, playing vet and checking his heartbeat, and bossing that huge dog around… And he obeyed. But when we added Madison to our pack, he grew ever more protective. I really did worry that he would hurt someone. He especially hated men. And on this day, I was standing in our front yard with Brock on a leash as our neighbor was walking into our yard. It was all I could do to hold Brock back. The neighbor tried to look unworried, “It’s ok. I’m a dog person.”

“He doesn’t care. He will hurt you. Please leave.”

I am married to Brock. Well, of course I’m not…but my husband and he share one characteristic: DO NOT MESS WITH HIS GIRLS! …and he is not bluffing.

James is the kindest, most easy going man …until it comes to his girls. I have a grown nephew that told me in all seriousness, “Whenever I see James and Madison interact, I pray for those poor boys in the future that fall in love with her!” Yes…He will put the fear of God in many a young man!

It began the day she was born, after a couple of hours of adoring our new addition, the nurse came to take Madison to give her a bath. James followed. “Sir, You can’t come back here.”

“That’s my baby. Yes I can.” And he did.

I have written about my condition of Addison’s Disease. It is a condition that goes from bad to worse in crisis situations but as I lay limp on the ER bed, I never worry at all because I have James at my side, as understanding of the rare condition as the specialist and making sure I am properly attended to. His firm hand has literally saved my life in several cases that could be labeled medical negligence.

James used to embarrass the hell out of me. He is a man that knows his business and then follows through. I don’t think he has ever caved into peer pressure in his entire life.

But I know one thing, the world needs more of him! Men that stand strong for what they believe in. Men that protect their families. I have seen the stripping down of the masculinity of men in our culture and I am so proud to say that I’ve won the heart of one of the few that’s left. So, when he says he is going to protect his family, he means it. And when I say I love my man, this woman can mean it as well.


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