New Day, New Month, Little Baby New Year

Good morning sleepy head, it’s a new day. Start fresh. Rise and behold what this day holds. If it’s bad, you have something to prove. One step at a time. Hard? You’ve got this. If the day is giving, offer up thanks. You’ve always been provided for. Challenging, blessing, surprising, lift up your chin and show them what you’ve got. It’s a new day.

Rise and shine new month. The sun is peeking through the curtains. Your alarm did not go off. Coffee is ready. Breakfast is hot. January, it is time to get dressed. Add a layer, please give us some snow. You are the promise of resolutions kept: friends reunited, memories built, promotions accomplished, and healthy bodies made. Please wake up January. Rise with a smile on your face and greet the world.

Little baby new year looks just like her Daddy. 2015 has the promise of the world, the potential of everything. Kings will be crowned, true love will be found, forgiveness will be granted, dreams will be lived. But little baby New Year, one step at a time. You still nurse on your Momma and lay swaddled in blankets. We greet you and we love you. Welcome 2015!

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Happy New Life!

10. 9. 8. It goes that fast. I was getting in trouble for my chatty mouth in fourth grade yesterday and today I am the mom raising a little chatterbox. 7. 6. 5. Just the other day, it feels, I was the cold college student running across the campus lawn under the starry sky and it struck me, I missed my husband I had not met yet. I knew one day I would be made complete with the love I was longing for. Today, we are knocking on the door of a thirteen year anniversary. 4. This life is so meaningful, so important, so valuable. But it is a glimpse, a blink, a breath. 3. 2. A new year, a new me. I want to see more of the gym, I want to save and accumulate, and have some fun! But 1. The last number is coming. The curtain will fall. The last new year will come. I will rise with a new life. And this new year, my resolution is to lay to rest the things that do not matter so that a new life will rise and the earth will applaud, this is the purpose I came to accomplish, the reason I was born.

On The Road

Literally and metaphorically, On the road. Christmas tradition has it that the Hendrys celebrate Christmas morning at home with our family traditions of the three of us. The night brings celebrations of one side of the family and then the morning of the 26, the car is loaded down and we set off for a second Christmas with FL grandparents. Somewhere along this trip, it hits us: another year is gone. We have partied, stuffed our bellies, and ended the year in more fun than should be allowed.

Now here we are, on the road, driving home. We are leaving 2014 behind us and each mile brings us closer to 2015. I will, literally, spend the last hours cleaning up our messes from our 2014 adventures. I will, metaphorically, clean up Caroline and start over in a new fresh year.

Happy Memories of the Past and Happy Welcoming the NEW YEAR!