The Patience of Jesus

It is rarely said of me that I am patient.  When I decide I want something, I want it now!

When I look at pop culture, I see I am in good company.  Everyone longs to be thin and fit and yet the number one health problem in America is obesity.  Why?  Because thin and fit takes time and we choose instant gratification of fast food and TV.  We spend money instead of save, yell at our children for petty offenses, curse traffic, check our phones a dozen times in the grocery line, and blow our top on complete strangers.

When 1 Corinthians 13 states that “love is patient,” I bow my head in humility.

When Jesus asks me to be patient, does he even know what he is talking about?!  Does he know how hard that is?!

Oh, he does.  Jesus lived his life knowing the cross was coming.  He was a man of sorrows that suffered every day of his life and HE IS GOD!  He could have, rightfully, thrown in the towel at any point and gone home to heaven.  He stood in the desert just before the point of starvation (that is waaay past hangry) and was patient even with Satan while he was tempted.  He could have blown him to smithereens with just a thought and yet he was patient enough to stand before him and endure the arrogance of Satan himself, patiently awaiting a victory that isn’t really what I would have had in mind – the cross.  Jesus sat at the Passover meal with his disciples explaining to them that he was about to die a torturous death and they quarreled over who would be the greatest among them in the kingdom of heaven.

Yes!  I guess when the Bible commands me to be patient, Jesus knows what that means.  God, I need you!  I love.  I want to love better.  Please give me patient love that comes only from you!