A Short Something

“I wish it was possible to say something more agreeable, but I must say what I think true.”  CS Lewis

I am a writer, a thinker, a lover. Some quotes make my heart smile. I hear the questions, the objections, and the hurling insults, but there is nothing I wish to add or take away. I read this and I sigh. I read this and I know. I know it is me sometimes. I want to be in agreement. I want to laugh and love and play. But I want truth more. And I am not afraid to disagree. 

“Things Your Mother Never Told You”

“God redeems us from shame and sin so that we can love more deeply.”  Kim Gaines Eckert

We serve a God of grace!  I am so saddened that christians and the church are not a better reflection of God’s grace. I want people to be blown away by the love radiating from me. I want to be a friend to those that no one else will love. I want to forgive the deepest of offenses. I want everyone that meets me to know that there is God living inside me because my grace, my hope, and my love can not be of this earth or any human!  Our past failures, our hurt, even our sins can be used to serve God and help others. I follow a God of love and grace!!!  

The quote is from Things Your Mother Never Told You, A Woman’s Guide to Sexuality. I can not recommend this book enough!  Sorry guys, it is written to women. But I think you, also, will benefit if more women read this book. 😮 oh, I can feel the blushing!