St Patrick’s Treasure

I don’t really like Pharisees. There are people today that I label with this term, self-righteous, think they are perfect people. Jesus didn’t like them either. (He loved them, as I should, but he didn’t like them). When confronted by the Pharisees, Jesus said he came to heal the sick.

Who is your sick?  Silly question, this is what I mean:

St. Patrick’s Day has its history like any other holiday. I love the festivities, green clothes or you get pinched, rainbows with pots of gold, orange beards, and green beer. But I also like to remember this guy that lived a long long time ago and is worth remembering today. 

St. Patrick lived in Britian with his family. At a young age, he was captured by Irish pirates and taken to Ireland, where he was believed to live for six years. After six years in slavery, he was returned to his home in Britain. However, on his own free will, he went back to Ireland. WHY?

Patrick saw them as sick. And he had the medicine. These people needed Jesus. 

And that is Christianity. It is not pretty. It is not for the purpose of a big house and a life of material blessing. Patrick was the epitome of “love thy enemy.”  He returned to Ireland and spread the gospel in a huge revival that swept across the country. 

Pots of gold are really great, but this St. Patrick’s Day, don’t forget the real treasure.