What Do You Think About Tattoos?

I like them. Well, being art, I like some of them. But, I like art. 

My sister Ellie is this incredibly amazing person. She is younger than me than I would like to admit but there is nothing that I would not do for that girl. We both are coffee addicts. Black coffee. We both live our lives sugar free. She can make me laugh and life with her is just fun. 

Ellie was at my house. We were talking about everything in this world, like we do, and the conversation fell on tattoos. We were talking and talking and Madison, my eight year old daughter, grew bored of our chatter and pulled out a coloring book and some crayons. 

Ellie was thinking out loud. “I found this verse I want tattooed on me. Should I get the whole verse or just the reference?  Should I get a cross also or another picture?….”

Madison lifted her head from her drawing and put in her completely serious opinion, “I just want a cross tattoo….pause…and a piggy face.” And she returned to her coloring. 


And that is how I want to live life!  Like a child who loves Jesus and has fun!