Blog?  No Thank You. 


I write. I like to write. Like books, write. I cuddle up with an old fashioned piece of paper and an old fashioned pen and I let them hug and kiss and make out. Well, the paper is not actually old fashioned. It is just that I like the feel of the pen rolling across the paper and the look of my handwriting. I am not good at to many things. I’ve always had neat handwriting. Let’s not do away with one of the few things I am good at and eliminate writing by pushing away on a keyboard or an iPad or using one finger to poke away my writing on a phone. No. Thank.  You.

Caroline, you should start a blog. Blog?  Oh, no thank you. I am a writer. And blog is a funny word.

I filled my notebook and I scratched away on napkins. No no. Writing on napkins does not give that same nice handwriting feel but there was the idea and it had to get out and blog is a funny word.

So, I hand wrote my book, a novel, it started getting long. And moving the paragraphs was a little hard in the editing process. But when I first started out, I did like that feeling of sitting down with blank paper and a pen and looking at my neat handwriting. Blog?  No thank you.

And I like to cuddle with a blanket and a pen and a piece of paper and sip a mug of coffee. Well, I really like a space heater, but that doesn’t look as pretty in my idealistic mind while I am sitting in my idealistic world writing my idealistic article. I am an idealist. But I have to use a travel mug because I like my coffee to stay hot for a long time and I don’t like to spill my idealistic hot coffee on my idealistic white paper with my idealistic neat handwriting. Blog is a funny word.

So, I wrote eight children’s books and I wrote a novel. But the novel got really long and my handwriting got really messy and it was getting much too difficult to edit. So, I moved my writing to my desktop. Typing it out was much easier and much faster and the words flowed out on the keyboard in a nice, neat little font. Which isn’t really fair because it looks the same for everyone instead of my neat handwriting being admired. So, I sat typing out my book and storing it in a file that I would like for you to imagine as a hardback book with a cool leather cover and my neat handwriting throughout the book, while I sipped my hot coffee that I would like for you to picture in your head in an artsy clay mug. A big one, because I like lots of coffee.

But I do not want to blog. I just want to check out the site. Blogging is a funny word and I like to write with pen and paper, but since I am taking a break, because my hand got really tired, and since I am on the computer anyway, I am going to sneak a peak at WordPress. Blog is a really funny word.

I’ve only set up this account because I am just playing around. I submit a post every morning at 9:00 am because I have these ideas swirling around in my head begging to be shared, they don’t like being stored in notebooks or crumpled and lost in a computer file. They’ve grown into big girl writings, socializing in this big modern world. And I like that I can pull out my iPad, or even my phone while I am away from home, and poke with one finger and submit a post, rather than scratching away on a Starbucks napkin.

But as I am sneaking around this blogging world, meeting and virtually hugging and making friends with my ten thousand followers and growing.  Please know that I do not know how I got here…but I like it. And please imagine me writing snuggled in a blanket with a fresh cup of coffee and my neat handwriting kissed across some old fashioned paper. Blog?  Yes, please.  I am a writer. And blog is a funny word.

I am published!  Please click on the link below for more information and to purchase

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