Gee Thanks

Blah blah blah. Driving down the road. Slowly through the city. Chatting with James and Madison.

“Stop! Stop!” I have spotted a doggy in distress. An old, but small, dog has squeezed through the railing. The owner is chatting on his phone and does not notice the hanging, literally hanging, dog. He is seconds from death.

James screeches to a halt. I jump out and run over to the doggy. All in a minute, I lift the dog up to the owner that has now turned his attention my screaming way.

As I grab the dog to save his life, he shits all over me. I mean stinky all down the front of my clean clothes.

Am I mad at him? No. The dog was scared out of his mind. If I could go back in time, would I change what I did? No.

I have had similar situations with people. I help them, I save them, I give to them, I forgive them. And they shit all over me. But that is beside the point.

Despite what everyone else does, I am only responsible for me.