Whistle While You Work

I am not a Walmart shopper.  Let me rephrase that, I am not a willing Walmart shopper.  I wasn’t born yesterday.  I have been treated rudely often enough by Walmart employees to not be a believer in their customer service commercials.  Oh, the post I could write about the things employees at Walmart have said to me over the years.  Shesh!  …BUT!  Although, I do most of my grocery shopping elsewhere, I am constantly sucked in.  I average about once a week.  They have stuff I need and usually the lowest price around.

HOWEVER, the other day, I actually left Walmart with a smile on my face.  Don’t fall over dead or call me a liar!  I know, I know, Doesn’t sound possible, BUT, as I am checking out, an older gentleman, I am guessing in his 70s strikes up a friendly conversation with my girl and I (already, this is far far above the normal courtesy that I find there) and then he starts to sing to us!  An old song about loving your mother.  He is singing to my daughter.  I melted.

Everyone walking by, and everyone standing near (which is a lot of people) are turning and staring and giving him the “What in the world are you doing?!” look and the “You are an idiot” look.  The look I am giving him?  The “You have made my day” look.

People that think that he has lost his mind, I say that he may be one of the few in that store that has found it!  What a joy to see a kind soul that is actually enjoying his job in customer service and is actually in the business of serving!  It was, by far, my best experience at Walmart ever.  I thanked him, but it just didn’t seem like enough.