My (lots) younger days

A few weeks until my wedding, you can guess I was a little distracted. I had invaded my sister’s home and I had been living with her and her precious girls for a few months already. I remember that time and I smile. Chubby cheeked five year old Conner and her one year old blanket carrying sister, Kate, had (and still do have) a deep part of my heart.

The girls were with me all the time. I was often told how beautiful and sweet my girls were and I just smiled. They were my girls.

I had also invaded my brother’s car. A hand me down little red Dodge, Neon. He was not quite old enough to drive and I had sold my car.

One sunny June day, sweet voiced Kate and I were traveling around town enjoying life. I turned up the radio and thought about how great it was to be me. We sang and giggled and continued our errands like the happy girls that we were.

Work at nursery (with my Kate by my side.) Check.
Pick up wedding shoes. Check.
Fill up car with gas. Check.
Run through carwash. In progress.

The radio still up and my happiness still overflowing, I was enjoying even the carwash.

“Ehh.” It was a sweet, polite, one year old, “I don’t think this is supposed to be happening.”

Attentive aunt turns around to see soap suds and water and car wash brushes swishing through my OPEN back windows!

I wish I had a video of me turned around in that little car trying to roll up those manual windows as fast as my arms would wind!

Have I told you I’m blonde?