Human Blizzard

Falling snowflake. Unique. Each one different from the other. No ten match. No four the same. No two identical. Masses of them falling to the ground. Falling art, masterpieces. Beauty that can never be duplicated. Fall and melt. Never to be admired. Never discovered. Never put on display in a museum. Falling, falling, melting.

Millions born daily. Human masterpieces. No skin shared. There are no copies of the pupil or the iris. Strands of hair that never were and never will be again. You are the only you that can ever think your thoughts. You are the only you that can live your life. No one else can fulfill your purpose. Falling. Falling. Melting.

Freezing Cold Warmth

Bare trees and gray skies, the wind howls and sends shivers through my body.  We have hit a record low and it is here to stay.  Colder and snowier than the norm.  My girl and I try to go for a walk but we can not endure the cold for more than a few minutes.  Packing on extra layers every morning and learning again to keep up with the mittens.  The cold reaches down to your bones.

Build a fire, pour a hot drink.  Sit and cover with a throw.  Crockpot dinners are more appreciated.  The winter menu is revisited.  Chili, Pot Roast, Turkey, and ham.  Bigger and hotter, the better.  Prepare the closets for new Christmas toys, begin the shopping browsing, give in to the Christmas music a little early this year.  Call up some family that you have not seen in a while.  Our hearts were not prepared to hibernate but to endure.

It is the freezing cold that makes me so appreciate the warmth.