I. Myself. Believer. The ninth letter of the alphabet.  Individual. Caroline.  Sister. Selfie. Soul. Wife. Entity. Quintessence. Mom. Woman. Daughter.  Author. Creature.

Am. Abide. Continue. Last. Breathe. Stand. Be. Dwell. Survive. Last. Happen.

Not. Negative. Never. Nay. Nix.

Alone. Abandoned. Deserted. Detached. Sole. Unaccompanied. Lone. Forlorn. Matchless. Discarded. Eliminated. Empty. Forgotten. Left. Jilted. Divorced. Isolated. Removed. Destitute. Despondent. Wretched. Lost. Lonely. Forsaken. Despairing. Forgotten.

God. Jehovah. Father. Absolute. Deity. Master. Spirit. Power. Yahweh. Lord. Maker. Divine. Creator. Almighty. Celestial. Guardian. Model. Worthy. Alpha. Omega. Immortal.

Is. Abide. Act. Live. Endure. Inhabits. Transpires. Dwell. Rest. Be. Prevails. Remains. Remains.

With. Along. Near. Including. Accompanying. Alongside. Via. On. Over. About.  Per. Above.

Me. Myself. Personal. Author. Character. Individual. Identity. Caroline. Somebody. Unit.  Wife. Creation. Soul. Volunteer. Mom.

I am not alone. God is with me.


Saving Souls

A blink in a day is so much longer than this life in eternity. A decade, not even a measurable second on the clock of forever.

To lose my life, I gain it. Giving now, inherits all that is to come.

The things I adore so quickly fade. Worshiping this temporary body and this depreciating earth. Fashions steal my attention and treasures own my heart.

How long will I meditate on this life that blows away with the breeze?

A short exercise, a quick giving of the now, a temporary self sacrifice, shifting my glance from me to the Majesty of Heaven, I relinquish a moment to gain eternity.


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