Her Goal? 1,000 Followers in Month One. (Interview)

Interview on “Brews and Views” with David

9 thoughts on “Her Goal? 1,000 Followers in Month One. (Interview)

  1. Hi there, Caroline and totally enjoyed the interview! Very insightful.

    Being the health nut that I am I hope you don’t mind me passing along a few tidbits of info.

    I also LOVE coffee but it is one of the heaviest sprayed crops when it comes to nasty fertilizers and just plain toxins. I always get organic when I can and there are several good sites you can google to order the organic java. Amazon.com has a lot of reviews from customers on different brands but I order direct from the coffee company so as to get the freshest brew possible.

    I came across an interesting product from a well respected health site I subscribe to and just recently purchased it. I have only been using it for a few days but it shows great promise. It concerns nourishing the adrenal gland which is the major gland for our body’s ability to metabolize our food and provide us with the ENERGY we so desperately want and need. If you are interested you can go to http://www.besthealthnutritionals.com/ and type in Thyroid Performance Plus in the box in the upper right corner. When taken to this page you can see the product and get the full scoop on it in the article at the bottom of the page.

    Lastly, I do hope you will check out the Post on “Superfood: Panaseeda” at my website.

    Hope you a great one!!….and thanks again for your blog.



  2. I was intrigued by the story posted on “Brews and Views.” I had to keep reading to see who or what was slithering, then crawling, walking, etc. You have such a fresh style of writing and your imagery is superb. Really hope you get those 1,000 followers. I already am.

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