A Very Unpopular Article

This article will not be liked, it will not be shared, there will be nothing but negative comments.  Politically correct is the name of the game, the only rules of society are:

1.  Do not dare to label right vs. wrong.

2.  Do not hurt anyone’s feelings.

3.  The greatest purpose in life is to love yourself.  No matter what.

4.  Anything goes.

5.  The only god is comfort.

And here is what it has led to.  The romantic movie of the year (and the top selling novel of 2012 and 2013) is Fifty Shades of F#!@ed Up.  “That is so romantic.  I wish I had a man that would chain my arms and tell me that if I moved, he would chain my legs, and if I screamed, he would gag me.”  ISIS is burning and beheading people and capturing children and the president of the United States wants to point out the crusades of centuries ago.  Sorry, I didn’t mean to get political on you.  Don’t talk about politics.  We can complain about the price of gas and groceries and EVERYTHING but don’t dare to tie that to the root of the cause:  politics.

And now everyone thinks I am a fanatic and I’ve lost followers and I’ve gone off the deep end.  I hope so!  Because if that is what is accepted in our society, I want no part of it!

I have long ago left the popularity club.  I could care less what in the hell anyone thinks about me!  Caroline, pick a side!  If you are going to argue conservative politics and morals, then don’t cuss, you won’t please anyone.  I am not here to fit into any club.

The blame falls on Christians!  Yes!  I blame Christians!  Since when did we give into the five rules of our culture?  When we wanted them for ourselves?  We don’t care to hear about ISIS, we stand in line to purchase our Fifty Shades of Grey Tickets, we send out kids to schools that teach them to do whatever the hell they want, we buy them iPads and anything they want to shut them up, we get an extra job to buy a nicer car instead of raising nicer children, who knows when the last time is we’ve actually read the Bible?  Oh, I guess I am getting labeled legalistic now.  Well, I’m not here to make friends, especially not Pharisees!

Why?  Why do I have to rant and rave and call out the sins of this world?  I have a daughter.  Period.  No longer can I raise her to serve and enjoy this world she is growing up in.  No.  Wake up parents!  Is this a world that we want our children to be comfortable in?  I don’t!  Quite unfortunately, I am preparing my daughter to be a Noah.  I am teaching her to stand firm in her faith when the world laughs at her for following her God.  I am teaching her to be a David and stand against Goliath when the world is a bunch of wimps.

Parents, want something more for your children than comfort in this sinning world that is racing toward Hell!  Teach them to love right and hate wrong.  Show them how to do what is right, when all the world is doing something else.  Be that example!  Want something more than happiness for your sons and daughters!  Happiness!  It has become the end goal of our entire culture!  But I want my daughter to be kind, I want her to serve others at her own sacrifice.  I want her to be healthy.  I want her to chose food that is good for her body and exercising, when sitting on the couch and eating candy would make her happy.  I want her to chose to read, and study, and help, and smile rather than looking out for her own comfort.

Why do I write this article?  Because I love my daughter too much to let her settle for the current offer!

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130 thoughts on “A Very Unpopular Article

  1. Oh, don’t be so quick to judge the unpopularity of this post! I think many people are tired of our current culture and very concerned about where it is going. We have two boys that will grow up to be respectful, helpful, kind, hard-working gentlemen if we have anything to do about it! And we’ll be homeschooling, too. We’re pretty tired of the indoctrination that goes on in public schools! And television/media!! Your original starting point re: 50 Shades … I have no desire to see that movie. I cannot understand that mentality and certainly don’t think it should be mainstream to think its cool and normal for sex to be like that. Media has such a profound impact on minds, especially in children, you have to be really selective about what your kids watch. Luckily, there are some really good, positive programs out there, but the balance is strongly in favor of our modern, warped society and its self-serving, pleasure-oriented culture. I think it’s incumbent upon Christians and people of all faiths to raise children who are centered in God and look at the world and say, “What can I do to help?”, rather than, “What can the world do for me?” It’s when we look at it as something to take from that we think we can disregard all else. We have to bring the Spirit of God to the world! We may not see eye to eye theologically, but people of faith have to rally together!

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  2. Well said, sister! If the only thing I ever teach my children is that God/Jesus/Holy Spirit is absolute truth, I will consider myself successful. I often tell them and others when the “happiness” word rolls around what Jesus told His disciples when they returned from doing miracles and raising the dead in His name. He said be happy that your names are written in the book of life.
    I love and appreciate your honesty. Thank you.

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  3. I’m going to rain on your parade! There are millions out here who feel the same way – I brought my sons up to be “no part of this world”, to own their mistakes and accept the mistakes of others but not excuse them.

    Their friends have the same approach and we all live with he destruction of a world run by the Devil in front of us.

    Political correctness will get people killed so stand up, stand firm, remain steadfast and work hard for God’s Kingdom.

    So the answer to your blog is echo 1 to the power of infinity

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  4. I hear your voice echo in this wilderness. I can hear other cries answering. If a voice is heard in the wilderness are the trees about to fall? In the land of moral relativity where is down? Everywhere.

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  5. A very thought provoking article, which will sure hit the hearts of the majority of this antichrist world. The media are growing pretty lame at trying to make us find comfort in movies and gadgets, but empathy does not lie. If there were empathy in the sinful beheaders, they would not carry out those acts. No way hosay. Empathy is very lost in today’s society. We care more for ourselves than others. There is only so much comfort that this world can bring, but it’s all lies. I just hope that in time, the awakening of people brings them closer to Christ and not to the antichrist new age propaganda of service to self.

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    • You are right! If is encouraging to see others stand up and say, “woa! Something is wrong!” Unfortunately, like you say, part of the battle is because it is so popular. The problem is that our pop culture now says this is appropriate.

      Thank you for sharing!


  6. I agree with you that things are very wrong in the world, but “don’t dare to tie that to politics”? Sorry, but have you even been on Facebook and Twitter? There’s millions of complaints about politics, both liberal and conservative. Nobody is trying to silence you for complaining about politics. Yes, there may be complaints about your post, but seriously: nobody is going to take it down because it was offensive. Nobody is going to censor it. And the same goes for any posts about Christianity.

    I am tired of people complaining about how hard political correctness is. Especially nowadays, with the internet. Christians are NOT being persecuted for their beliefs in this country. Neither are liberals or conservatives. Because if they were, they would be ARRESTED or even EXECUTED for the things they put online. If they were, the nutjobs on Fox News would have been silenced long ago. There are actually countries around the world where this happens.

    Be happy you live in a country where you CAN raise your daughter however you want. Be happy you could post this article without fearing for your life. Be happy that being whined at for not being politically correct is the worst thing that can happen to you for posting an article like this. Because there are plenty of people in the US who feel differently. There are people in this country who call themselves Christians who believe in censorship.

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    • People may not be getting their heads cut off but there is persecution in America. Bakeries getting taken to court because they won’t participate in something they believe in or how about Hobby Lobby standing up to the government on the contraception issue and again being taken to court. I’m sorry but the media the culture the government all lean away from standing up for the Christisns. The will sympathize and stand up for everyone but the Christisns at a moments notice. Persecution Is here and it’s getting worse.

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      • No. Just no. Hobby Lobby’s whole “contraception” issue? That was not a case of religious persecution; that was a human rights violation. And the bakery? That was discrimination, pure and simple. They have nothing whatsoever to do with Christianity. Want to know why? Because Christianity is based on love, or it should be. The bakery’s decision was based entirely on hate. Seriously: would you agree with them if it had been a race issue instead of a sexual orientation issue? Hobby Lobby’s decision was not based on religious beliefs; it was based on misogyny and some twisted need to control women.

        Wake up! Being taken to court for discriminating against women and LGBTs is NOT persecution, anymore than being taken to court for discriminating against black or Hispanics is!

        I started following this blog because I thought I’d found a Christian who didn’t buy into all the bigoted bullshit the far right is spewing these days. Sadly, I see that I’m mistaken. Your attempt to defend Hobby Lobby and that bakery, as well as trying to paint conservative Christians as a persecuted minority, is disgusting. People like you make me ashamed to be a Christian and an American.


        • Wow! It sounds like you are being pretty hateful and judgmental towards me. You don’t even know me. I was just dialoguing and stating what I believe to be true. Am I wrong for that. If you are for love and acceptance your post had me fooled.


        • I forgot to include in my initial first response about fort hood and the lady in Oklahoma beheaded. And how is hobby lobby and choosing not to participate in gay marriage not infringing on religious liberties? I’m confused. Protecting the lives of unborn and not agreeing with homosexuality based on religious convictions. How is this not religious persecution? It’s not even remotely the same thing with race. Setting aside religious convictions, I’m not convinced of the scientific data that sexual identity and race be put in the same category. Race is something you are born with. I’m not convinced that homosexuality is genetic. There is no proof to that. I know many want to use that argument but it doesn’t add up to me. It’s not rational. Believe me I have done some hard soul searching and reading from all sides–having gay friends and a gay brother. I am not hateful in fact in the case of my brother I love him so much but I can’t agree with him on this. Not agreeing does not mean hate.
          I hope if anything you take away from my response is that.
          What I hope to do as a Christian is stand up for Jesus and be more like Him. I fail, I know but I praise Him for his grace and mercy.


    • I am thankful that I can meet people, and you, on this blog where we can have these discussions.

      I do disagree with you on many of those points, but I am very thankful that you shared your opinion.


  7. I 100% agree. It’s a social faux pas in order to have an opinion or let alone a value system based on old fashioned antiquated things like ethics, morals, valued and heaven forbid, faith. Our society has no backbone on which to stand because we afraid of offending someone or drawing the line in the sand and actually standing up for something. Swear words you would never have used 10 years ago are now laced in everyday conversation except when person whispers the word “no” the room goes silent and your now labeled as an extremist. Thank you, from my heart and for my children.

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  8. Well, this is one reader you haven’t lost. If anything, you’ve solidified your standing for me. Tell it like it is. Wishy washy Christians are a problem. If God says something is so in the bible, then that’s the way it is. Even if I don’t always find it convenient. Evolution? Not biblical (or even scientific if you really look hard). Homosexuality? God says no. That’s it. We all have temptations to resist. The list goes on. Stick to your faith and God’s Word. Well done, you!

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  9. Preach! Agreed 100%
    Don’t let being concerned with what people think trump what God thinks. Jesus didn’t come to bring peace with man or the world. He promised eternal peace with God.
    What an enormous treasure that is—it’s everything!

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  10. I am tired of trying to be politically correct. I think we need to stand up Christian soldiers, or it’s going to be too late. ISIS is real and coming our way. We may not agree on little things, but we need to band together as followers of Christ in this fallen world. If we don’t we will be persecuted a lot worse than someone taken to court about a cake. We can’t pull the covers over our heads in the fetal position and hope it doesn’t come our way. Pray in the power of the Holy Spirit. Help one another stand. Hold our shields side by side. We have to be in the Word and prayer. Be prepared in season and out of season. Thank you.

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  11. I have not read 50 shades nor will I. I tell people why as well. That I am Christian and such behavior, such as sex of any kind, outside of love and marriage, is wrong. I will not side with the President when at the Prayer Breakfast, he dares to lecture the attendees on their falut for slavery and how Muslims are picked on. Not all muslims are bad, but…..their basic belief is that anyone that is not muslim is bad and wrong. I will not be politically correct. I will treat people with kindness and courtesy, I will continue to pray for God to help people according to His will and their needs. Our children deserve more from us.

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  12. Right on Caroline!! I wish more brave christian bloggers would speak up and rant! We need to save our children’s futures and that means we as parents need to TEACH them right from wrong, truth from lies, and generosity instead of instant gratification! Love you and your candor Caroline – don’t stop!

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  13. I am a non-Christian, however, I have no issue with what you said. 50 Shades is teaching women that abuse=love. I have not read it, nor seen it, but I do know that there is a point where she attempts to revoke her consent and he ignores it. Where I come from, we call that rape, whatever you’re into. As for ISIS and pointing out the Crusades, all I can say is that if people are going to dish it out, they need to take it. I see it in response to people saying all Muslims are evil and that if they weren’t they would be stopping the extremists in their ranks. I think that extremists of all religions have killed in the name of their religion and that the peaceful, good, REAL practitioners of said religions may not have the power to stand up to the extremists within their ranks. I do not think it is wrong to site examples of that throughout history. However, as of right now, I think that we have a responsibility to quit arming extremists who become terrorists like we did with Al Qaeda and like we have done with ISIS. I also think that we have a responsibility to quit propping up brutal extremist regimes like Saudi Arabia. If there was a Christian theocracy brutalizing their people today, I think we’d have just as much responsibility to not support them, but fortunately, that is not happening.

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  14. Political correctness is an issue of all cultures, communities and groups. The reality of today is that sometimes fear of wealth loss or violence takes over where pragmatic reasoning can solve the situation, whether you are religious or not is not an issue.

    Many mainstream media have agendas that are not beneficial for anyone. Fox News and the Fashion Media are just the start. Channels that only explain one perspective are dangerous.

    My approach to political correctness and lack of information is simple. Try not to judge and stick to your principles. Jesus and the prophets preached it, the informed among us repeat it all the time. The Bible is quite broad and detailed in explaining that attitude from multiple angles. The Old Testament is so underrated sometimes.

    Opinions are in the end just opinions. Knowing and applying what works best for your situation is invaluable. Foundations built on sand are blown away. Foundations built on poles and stone remain firm for a long time…

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  15. Interesting post! – Quality Faith is usually characteristically very unpopular! I think as time races to the finish it is becoming clearer and clearer to more and more people that true happiness cannot be found in the pleasures glamourized by our world, but rather in the Power and Life that is filled with the genuine compassion that Jesus lived and taught about. Thanks for sharing!

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  16. Bless you, Caroline, for your passion and frankness. You are right. Christians are not so “salty” anymore. “We” love the world and our lives too much. That’s a big problem. 😦 Debbie

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  17. You haven’t lost me. I’m right there with you. We have become too complacent and wishy washy. We need a religious revival. The world is full of sin and unless we ask for forgiveness, we’re just as guilty as those we get angry with. I’m personally sick of this politically correct garbage.

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  18. I have to point out to you that members of ISIS are not seeking the happiness in this life. They have shunned this world, and are obeying God to the letter. It would actually be far better for our world if ISIS members were seeking the happiness of this life, and succumbing to the temptations of the living.
    ISIS members believe, fully, that they are doing mankind a service, sacrificing themselves to bring the Law of God back into play.
    I hear what you say, and it sounds the same as what any religious mother would tell any religious child.
    Certainly I have heard Muslim parents say the same, a million times over.
    Why do you reference ISIS, and also exhort your child to stand against the world-strong in her faith? Is that not what they are doing?
    Feel free to delete this, I mean no disrespect. But something has to change with what we all teach our children about religion. The ¨I am right and the world is wrong¨ approach is not working.

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    • I point out that the principal differences between the ISIS solution and the Christian solution is: ISIS is fueled by hatred, whereas Christianity is fueled by love. ISIS operates by fear, violence and murder. Christianity operates by the preaching of the Cross of Christ, the love of God, and the warning of judgment in eternity. ISIS promotes being conformed to a set of prescribed rules. Christianity promotes being transformed by the renewing of our minds.

      And if these aren’t difference enough, remember that ISIS will kill you if you oppose them. Christians won’t.

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      • I believe that, too. But the memory in the ME is so long that they remember when Christians did not always behave that way. They have been using that past to justify things for centuries.
        So where would it end? It doesn’t ever end with any side claiming to be superior. That does not help.


        • This is because people outside of Christianity all too readily equate middle ages Catholic policy with Biblical Christianity, not discerning that they were often worlds apart.

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          • Yeah. If those Catholics would just stop claiming to be Christians who follow the Bible and bow down to a guy who they say has the final word on Biblical interpretation, it would be easier to distance from Christianity.


              • That is exactly what Muslims say about ISIS. But it is not true. People are what they say they are, and no one gets to decide that for them. If a person identifies as Christian or Muslim or whatever, that is what they are. You can go to the canonical text and say ¨They do not do x, y, or z- so they cannot be Christian¨ but you would be wrong. Because religion is not a book, nor a verse. Religion is only given life and existence through it’s followers and their practices.
                You can have the most unpleasant person in your church. They can even be criminal in their actions. But you cannot say that they are therefore not Christian. You could say they do not behave as Christians should, in your opinion or in the opinion of whoever penned your canonical text. But you cannot excommunicate a person, can you? Have you the authority to decide who is a Christian and who is not? Do Christians do this to each other? It seems contrary to what I was taught about Christians. I heard they were about forgiveness and love. I did not think they would look at a congregation and say this or that member is not a genuine Christian. I thought that sort of judgement was left to God or the religious authority.

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                • Oh absolutely! I do not have the authority! I made the comment, “there are people that claim to be Christians and are not.” I, by no means decide who is and who is not, but God does! The Bible says there will be those that say Lord Lord but he will say, I do not know you. A great example is the Pharisees.

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      • I do believe this is why the President made a reference to the Crusades many centuries ago. Many horrific acts have occurred in the name of Christ or in the use of the symbol — his Cross. KKK and lynching come to mind on that last point. ISIS is killing other Muslims, Coptic Christians, Americans, Japanese, Jordanians, etc. for their jihad. ISIS needs to be stopped — no doubt — but, for us, it shouldn’t be about a holy war (Christians vs. Islam).


        • It isn’t a holy war, but it is an ideological war. It’s not about Christianity vs Islam, but it is about freedom vs tyranny. Even in moderate Islamic countries, Christians endure persecutions. So do Zoroastrians. So do Buddhists. So do [insert anything here that is not Islam].

          Note: The Crusades were military campaigns with support drummed up by the popes. I’m not putting my stamp of Christian approval on the conflicts as legitimately Christian endeavors, but I am putting my stamp on those conflicts that helped to defend Europe from islamization.

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    • I will not delete your comment! I have ever yet deleted a comment! Anyone that disagrees is welcome!

      This is a hard issue and I have to say that there comes a point where there is right and there is truth and there is wrong. ISIS is wrong. That is where devotion will not save us. They are devoted but they are wrong. I am teaching my daughter to serve the true God. I am teaching her not to follow the world, how scary is that!

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      • It is scary to me. To advise anyone to serve a God, requiring their obedience to religious authorities and selected religious text rather than their own moral conscience, is scary to me. I won’t say it is wrong, it is being done all over the world, by Jew and Muslim and Bahai and Christian. It is more common than the teaching of consequences for immoral actions. But this sectarian stuff is alarming. Only the Hindi are teaching their children that all paths have value. The rest of us are throwing each other in Hell, nearly gleefully and certainly thoughtlessly.
        ISIS sees all people not on their particular path to be subhuman, akin to animals. They see each other that way, too, should they sin. How did they get there? What can the rest of us do to fight that tide? How can we keep ourselves and our next generations out of these traps?
        I haven’t got an answer. But I know that ISIS is religiously right, yet morally wrong. They are doing as religion taught them. They are the only ones following the True God, in their minds, as you are doing in yours.
        Religion does not dictate morality or human worth, in my opinion.


          • Certainly that would make it less harsh. What Jesus taught and did is far more humane than the actions and words of God, overall. Far better to emulate him than to emulate God! That seems a better method of dispensing religion than what I have seen done before.

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            • Amen! I DO believe that all other religion is cruel and harsh! I believe Jesus is pure love! He left perfect heaven to die a painful death on a cross to prove his love and to save us! That is what I follow 😊

              Thank you for discussing friend!

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  19. What about fort hood and the beheading of the lady in Oklahoma. I was just pointing out that many atrocities are happening right here in our own country and its getting worse. And the media and our president loves to defend everyone but the Christians. That’s my biggest point.


  20. I love the fact that you are writing. It’s the only way we get to see inside the heads of others and allows understanding to develop and grow ourselves. You’re right that this is not a world in which we would like our children to grow up. Inside my head ISIS is not an existential threat. They could only damage our civilization with our consent. They can kill, maim, bomb and cost us money and lives but they cannot end us. They can not end the path of our civilization. They will not rob us of our future. The downside is we’ve done that ourselves.
    I can’t get worked up about the evil (and I really do mean that) people controlling that abomination of an attempt to create a nation in Iraq and Syria. They could kill me but they can’t kill the future of Western civilisation. There are two things that will. The first is the tiny numbers of our societies who can be bothered finding out how all the technology that allows us to live our lifestyles actually works. We can overcome that if we try. The second is anthropogenic climate change. That’s the worrying one. That’s the one that wakes me in a cold sweat at night. That’s the one against which I will choose to rage. That’s the one that will end us. I’ll be an old man when it comes. The previous generations have enjoyed increasing lifespans, health, wealth, enjoyment. I am pretty much certain that I won’t. I fear my ending will either be brutal or just forgotten through neglect as those left try to get by. We did it ourselves.

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  21. Keep the faith, Caroline. We need more strong, loving parents to raise strong, loving children who know their own power and don’t give it away to others. In particular, this world needs boys to be raised with the tools to respect and love women as well as know that their own power lies in love, not domination.

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  22. Caroline, you make me smile! As a father of two sons, 25 and 22, I can assure you that I have felt and said most of the same things you brought up in your article. Ironic as it may be, I posted these words today:

    I have written in the past about “undeniable” or “non- negotiable” truths and those truths never have changed and never will change. These are not political ideas. They are conservative or liberal. They are not commentary from any news service or newspaper. They are God’s words and they are the same yesterday, today and forever. They are not debatable.

    God’s Word is the truth, the truth that doesn’t depend on whether we like it or not, or if it “fits” with modern times. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. His truth is forever. It’s not going to change. The truth is the truth. We don’t please God when we try to change it to make it more palatable. We’re even warned about that. You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”.

    “They may hate you for speaking the truth, but it’s more important to please God than to attempt to please man. Speak the truth. Someone’s eternal destiny may depend on how faithful you can be. God strengthen you, and help you to speak the truth with boldness., and witth love. Speak the truth”.

    “I’d rather be hated for speaking God’s truth, than hailed for trying to redefine it”.

    The truth is under attack. There are those who seem headstrong in their assault on it, but the truth does not yield and it does not change. The truth may take some hits and it may loose some battles but it will always win the war.

    The thing that amazes me and concerns me the most is how certain people and groups actually think they can redefine the truth through their own selfish effort to justify their own actions. God is a loving God, but he cant just be patient and quiet forever.

    Thanks for the smile!

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  23. I love it! This is a most excellent rant!! I am in full agreement!
    I also love that you shamelessly chose to use language that might be upsetting for some (and I say that at the risk of being unpopular myself). Now I do not promote using bad language for the sake of it or even for shock value however I do not see that as your point or purpose; rather for me it gave a bit of extra life and weight to your post because you are not someone I have seen carelessly throwing around swear words. I know some Christians say they are turned off and cannot enjoy the purpose of an article if there are any swear words but I also feel that our humanity does not need to always be cloaked in false robes of righteousness that only encourage pride. We should be angry at the things the devil is stealing from our lives, community and countries. We should fight for the world our children will inherit; after all, the Lord asked us to pray “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done.”
    I know I have often wrestled with whether I am staying silent about politically volatile subjects because I am not “called” to write about them or out of a fear of man. Certainly I have strong beliefs and opinions but I am also not wishing to bring on negative comments. So thank you for giving vent and pen to what so many of us believe; thank you for your courage and honesty. Whether we all agree or not it is important to be able to speak with honesty and from a heart passionate to see right prevail.

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    • That felt like a big hug! Yes! I just want to be real!

      I once heard someone, that was a Christian, say that he could not be friends with someone that drank alcohol. Well…Jesus drank wine! Sometimes, so very often Christians get lost in rules and forget about and miss out on love and freedom found in Jesus!

      I want to be a “lady,” I really do, but I also do not care about being PC. Sometimes the moment calls for “strong” language.

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  24. What is this whole 50 shades thing? Maybe I’m out of tune, was never interested in reading the book… less interested in the movie. It’s just a “hyped” reason to blow something up to make money, that’s all our government cares about, it’s all Hollywood.

    I am with you. I teach my children respect, honor and love. They know how to garden, they are learning at a good age to learn to build (one reasons I love legos), we teach them the real basics of life.. we are teaching them to live. Something the school systems (aka the government) could care less about.

    Anyway, sorry to rant. Great blog. Love your blunt, truthfulness. Never hold back. 🙂

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    • It is so refreshing to hear that you intentionally parent your children, teaching them skills like gardening that are being lost in our culture.

      We are starting with the basics of gardening in our home and learning together, I know there is a lot I could learn from you!


  25. Amen, sister. And it looks like your title was wrong. Seems pretty popular to me.

    I hate political correctness. Because it’s just phony. It means nothing. It helps no one. I hate that others think they have a right to judge you but go ballistic if you do the same.

    There is right and wrong. There is good and evil. And I wish to heck the pharmaceutical companies could not sell their happy pills to a numb and apathetic public.

    Thanks for standing up and putting your foot down.


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  26. Amen, Caroline. You are a perfect example of raising the most wonderful child. God Bless you, James & Madison. She is a very precious little girl being raised by two very special caring parents. And our God loves you for sheltering our sweet Madison. Thank you. I am so proud that God blessed our family with you. Love you so much sweet daughter n law. And who cares if you offend anyone by this post. I totally respect your opinion.

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