I Follow the Man that Heals the Sick

There is a man that knows my name. He knows each and every single tear that has rolled down my cheek. He was there when I almost died and he demanded, “not yet” and he was obeyed. There is a man that knows my body, he knows my spirit, he knows my soul.  When that man speaks, I will listen.

There is a man that loves me. I know he loves me because while I was a sinner, he loved me. He chose me and he saved me. He knows my darkest secret, he knows my past and my future, he knows my love for my family. He knows my needs and my every desire. How can I not fall madly in love with that man?

Some people set their gaze on money and they love this world. It is a meager beginning to the riches of heaven. Some stake their claim and proclaim, “I am my own god!”  Personally, I find myself lacking. Working, working, desperately trying to tip the scale of good works in their favor, some live their lives in terror of that judgement day. Working, working, hoping their good works will outweigh their bad deeds. And this has been offered to me. They knock on my door, wanting me to convert. Do you see you have nothing to offer me?  I have assurance. The bad on my scale has been washed away and this man laid his perfect life on the scale for me. I have been found innocent. 

There is this man. He knows how deep the sea reaches. He calms the storm and says “no more.”  He commands the sun to rise in the east another day. There is this man, there is no challenge he can not meet. There is no deed he does not see. And there is nothing impossible for him. 

One day he will heal every disease. Soon, he will take me to my mansion in heaven. Very soon, he will undo all the hurt in this world and there will be no more sadness, no more fear, and no more want. 

For me, there is no other option. There is nothing lacking in my God. If you want to know him, if you want to meet him face to face, if you want this love, come follow me. 

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