Hugging Jesus

His fist pounded down upon the desk, “Wake up!” And he yelled my name. As he demanded respect, all in the same moment of fear, hIs arms wrapped lovingly around me and I cried. I sobbed with convulsions in my chest. He held me and rubbed my back. It was the perfect safe place. The he took me by the shoulders, looked me in the face and gave me a reassuring smile. 


4 thoughts on “Hugging Jesus

  1. When Jesus was in pain and his last night on earth was advanced he asked one thing of his apostles, that they remain awake with him for a while. They failed, he reminded them but understood that the spirit was eager but the flesh weak.

    At his death those apostles felt lost and that they had failed him in his hour of need, they ran away or denied him but upon his resurrection he reached out to all of them, collectively and personally so he had the group hug and the personal embrace.

    We need to remember he reflects his father who James reminds us is not far off we just have to turn to him. It reminded of the times when one of my sons needed that reassurance and the turn to see my gaze or my attention was on him was enough. We enjoy that same relationship. He reproves and supports but is always near to to us when we need his embrace.

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