No Faith

“Alleluia,” was sung from the voice of a young girl that was me. I took his hand and I walked away from this world. I did not know the way, but I would follow his plan and not my own. 

There are so many others, the blur of the crowd passes me by. I lay. I lay down. I lay down in the mass and they pass me by. The rain falls, it pours upon my face. Cold soaks my body to the core, my bones shiver. I feel the mud and the water rise around me. 

“Where are you?!”  I cry. “Where did you lead me?  Do you even know my terror?  DO YOU EVEN CARE IF I DROWN?!”

He passes through the masses, they give him no notice.  He kneels down and picks up my body. He helps me to my feet. 

Turning to the nature he made, he rebukes the wind and he talks to the rain, “Quiet, be still!”

Then he says to me, “Why are you so afraid?  Do you still have no faith?”

And I am terrified. Who is this man?  When I have seen all that he has done for me, why does the storm still scare me?


9 thoughts on “No Faith

  1. OH Caroline, your post is worded so REAL, you can tell its from the heart! I ache for you and the hard time you are going through right now. At the same time it feels you are writing from my heart to! For tho our trials are different right now, the question is still the same, HELLOOOOO do you NOT see what is going on down here?? Do you NOT see that my plate is full and overflowing and I can’t handle ONE More thing! And then HE replied,” Don’t look at the waves, keep your eyes focused on me and I will carry you through!” HUGS and prayers my friend!

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  2. I can feel your struggle through these words. You have far more faith than you know, dear girl. Remember that Jesus said even faith the size of a mustard seed is enough. Lean on Him. He will get you through this difficult time.

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