The coolness of white sheets welcome me. With anticipation I sit upon the bed, swinging my legs from the day’s work into the night’s rest. Tilting, my hair falls away from my shoulders toward my pillow. Plushness caving as I rest my head upon the pillow’s welcome. The heaviness of the covers cradle my body telling me I am safe. Sinking, sinking, into a night’s dream. In peace, I lie down and sleep.

The coffin is my resting place. The funeral ceremony is not for me. With anticipation, after a life’s work climbing into rest. Tilting, upward now, my soul flies away from my body. Dirt covers me like a blanket. Flowers grow in my memory, of a world spinning on and a reminder of something more than this now. Sinking, sinking, into eternal rest. “In peace, I lie down and sleep, for you alone, Lord, make me dwell in safety.”


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