Self Righteous Arrogance

It was pride that led an angel to turn against the God that HE KNEW formed the Universe, that HE KNEW was all powerful, and that HE KNEW deserved all praise.  Satan got so full of himself that he turned from God and LOOK WHAT IT LED TO!

Perhaps that is why the greatest trick up Satan’s sleeve is pride.  Just look at this world!  We are/I am a bunch of self righteous pride.  Oh, Don’t you dare say that ABOUT ME!  Oh, Don’t you dare try to correct me!  Oh no you did not just cut ME off in traffic!  You did not just say that to ME, do you know who I am?!  Why do you expect ME to help?  We/I are so full of ourselves!

Father, take me down a notch!  Ouch!  That prayer hurts!  And I don’t like to hurt!  BUT I WOULD RATHER HELP!  I want to stop focusing on ME!  Lord, open my eyes to other’s around me!

“They will know we are Christians by our love.”  DOES ANYONE KNOW I AM A CHRISTIAN?!

Lord, bring others in need to me and give me no other option but to help them!  Let’s start a revolution!  Let the world say, “Who are these people?!”  Make it obvious that we are different!  We think of other people before ourselves, we wait patiently, speak kindly, are not quick to anger, help those in need, WE ARE CHRISTIANS.

20 thoughts on “Self Righteous Arrogance

  1. I personally see where you’re coming from but I must say that the Ego itself is healthy as long as we don’t focus on ourselves only. Yes, you may want to do this or that but you’re not powerful enough to do that alone so in order to achieve something you need to find people whose views of life are similar to yours 🙂
    It’s inevitable to come across such people but being an individual, who’s different from the mass isn’t that bad either if it’s “used” to make good deeds 🙂

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  2. You are so right, and unfortunately, we as Christians can become judgmental and critical in our words and actions toward others, even without meaning to. It is so important, when we feel we must take a stand for one of God’s principles, to speak the truth in love, as scripture says. If we put aside our pride, speaking in love is easier. Lord, please keep us, your children, and me in particular, humble, that we may effectively win souls to you.

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  3. Or the i will believe it when i see it camp. Look at Moses day, they saw great things and still didnt believe. I keep thinking that woild have stuck with me longer than it did for them. But, wasnt there, cant say. One would hope though to hang onto those many goodnesses through tough or lean times. Blessings

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