Trading Manure for Priceless Jewels

Menstrual rags are what I have to offer! Nasty!  We wrap it up and do not even want to see it in the trash!  

My unsalty crystals are not even good enough to add to manure!  It ruins poop so it can not even be used for fertilizer!  

He creates the sunsets like it is child’s play. The wings of the eagle are his artwork. He knew the thoughts of Johnny Cash before he was even born!  Gold’s only use is concrete!  The talent of Monet and the voice of Botticelli, his creation. 

And HE PURSUED ME!  It is insanity!  I ran away. I wanted nothing to do with the free gifts he offers to me!

JESUS!  For eternity I will praise you!  A worm like me you transformed into a princess!  Mercies of Jesus!  

My inheritance is that of the King of Kings!  My body will soar past the Olympian and a gold medal will mean nothing for the ease!  My voice will be of beauty that can join with the angels!  

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel!”

Go to school. Rush to your neighbors. The world is scared. Children are hungry. Your cashier at Publix. Your partner in business. Go to the gym and preach the gospel!  


5 thoughts on “Trading Manure for Priceless Jewels

  1. Beautiful post. I have faith again in the power of the human Spirit. Do you know the poem by Helen Lowrie Marshall? It comes to mind about now.
    Dare to Be Happy
    Dare to be happy – don’t shy away,
    Reach out and capture the joy of today!
    Life is for living! Give it a try;
    Open your heart to that sun in the sky
    Dare to be loving, and trusting and true;
    Treasure the hours with those dear to you.
    Dare to be kind – it’s more fun than you know;
    Give joy to others, and watch your own grow.
    Dare to admit all your blessings, and then
    Every day count them all over again.
    Dare to be happy, don’t be afraid –
    This is the day which the Lord hath made!

    by Helen Lowrie Marshall

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  2. Bonjour CARO

    C’est bientôt le premier mai
    Et j’ai cherché , cherché
    Les brins de muguet

    Dans les bois d’ALSACE

    Sur les talus ,sous les branchages et je l’ai trouvé

    Je viens t’offrir en avance ce petit bouquet de muguet

    Je l’ai sentie il a une belle odeur parfumé

    Regarde ces belles petites clochettes blanches

    Chaque clochette sonne mon amitié

    Pour toi ce petit porte bonheur

    Passe une belle semaine et un bon 1 mai avec du bonheur

    BISE Bernard


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